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El: Are you ready to accept the Gift?

In our line of work as metaphysical practitioners, we often hear our clients asking for help with increasing prosperity and abundance, especially on the material level. If you live in our day and age, you are confronted daily with reminders of material scarcity. This is where our incense El answers our prayers. El is the King of Heaven, connected to all things Jupiterian, and also known as a loving and giving Father. Reblended on July 7, 2022, El has once again brought his Jovial and Prosperous blessings to our lives.

El, which translates to “God,” is the Chaldean father God who brings mercy, prosperity, wealth, and grandness to the kingdom. El is a Jupiterian god whose expansive touch brings abundance to all things. He also reminds us that wealth is not always monetary. He grants us good luck and abundance in our bodies, minds, spirits, and material possessions.

The reading for this incense elucidated his message for us now. The first card showed us that firstly and foremostly, we need to appreciate the abundance that is already right in front of us. El tells us to see through the illusions (Dragonfly) that distract us from seeing the effluvious beauty of the world around us. Bear witness to the abundant and prolific nature of the flowers, trees, and animals. Don’t let the world blind you with things that pull your attention from what is truly important in your world. Avoid the things that make you feel lack, for they are but illusions. Now is the time to see that abundance is always available to you.

We were then reminded that with abundance, we are granted the gift to build something brand new for ourselves (Beaver). This reminds us again to stop feeling scarcity to allow ourselves to honor the abundance that is coming. We can find joy and prosperity in the work and method. Here El reminds us that he is a giving father, but it is your responsibility to steward your resources well. He will give happily, but we must contribute the work to maintain the flow of his abundant nature.

El also reminds us to release the old feelings that hold us back from truly accepting prosperity in our world. We need to make room for whatever blessings he wishes to give us by cleaning out that which is stopping us from accepting his generous gifts (Frog). We are asked to clear our minds, hearts, souls, and even our physical world of the things that block abundance. Embrace a clean slate to allow prosperity to flow into your new world.

The next card reminds you to embrace yourself as a person who is worthy of abundance. El reminds us that we are his children, and that he loves us, and with the unconditional fatherly love of such an amazing being, we should be filled with self-esteem (Moose), and be able to honor that we are worthy of such love from the divine. When we accept this, we begin to accept that we are worthy of the gifts El wishes to grant us. We, in turn, can honor that he can give to all, and that sometimes he gives to us so that we can give to others. No one needs to lose in order for another to succeed. We are all loved by the divine.

El, as a Jovial god, reminds us to see the humor in life (Coyote). This can be extremely difficult at times when we are the ones who have played the trick on ourselves, causing our own self-destruction. El tells us that no trick or situation is too great that we cannot learn from it or laugh at it. Forgive, but never forget, otherwise the trick will be played several times more. These situations can help us see clearly that which is working for us, and that which is not, and sometimes our greatest failures lead to our greatest successes, as long as we continue to play our way through them. El asks us to experience the humor and joy of life, no matter how hard it may seem at the time.

El is the God of the Sphere of Ascended Masters. In connecting us to them, he encourages us to live with as much impeccably and integrity (Jaguar) as possible. Honor yourself, acknowledging your faults and virtues, and work toward the best being you are becoming. He grants us abundance in self-awareness, and spirit and guides us to be true to ourselves.

May El continue to grant you extraordinarily expansive gifts, and may you feel his gracious love, mercy, and joy on all levels.


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