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So that We may be All Ways (Tree of Life)

Updated: Mar 16

If you have spent time in our temple shop, you have probably noticed that many of our beliefs are informed by Hermetic Qabalah. If you know anything about the Qabalah at all, you have probably heard about the Tree of Life. Although the intricacies of Qabalistic thought are incredibly complex, it suffices to say that the Tree of Life can be explained as a spiritual filing system. It is through the Tree of Life that we may understand the emanations of “The All.” It is also considered to be the teachings of the mystical aspects of the Torah by many Judaic Kabbalists.

On Sunday, May 16, we blended both Tree of Life incense and Tree of Life oil in honor of Shavuot. Shavuot is celebrated as the anniversary of the day that the Hebrews received the Torah from “God”. As the Qabalah is steeped in Judeo-Chaldean traditions, we thought Shavuot would be a powerful day to bring this energy into the incense and oil we blended.

We are proud of being a multi-traditional establishment. As a map of all existing things, the Tree of Life is sacred to all divine beings and all spiritual traditions. If you are ever in search of an incense for a particular God, Goddess, or energy/entity, Tree of Life would be the perfect incense or oil. All you need to do is use it with the intention of honoring the divine energy you have chosen to call upon. Tree of Life is also the incense we recommend for those who wish to ask the universe for their next lesson. Tree of Life will ensure that you will be ready to be put on your individual divinely guided path.

Our reading for this blend reminds us of the Hermetic principle “As Above, So Below.” If you connect to the physical, to the mundane, to our mother earth, you can also connect to the aether, the universe, and the planes above. All things start and end together. Remember to be gentle to yourself and to others along the journey. Every being has its place, and sometimes it takes some time for us to understand how the puzzle pieces fit together. Despite the changeability of people, places, and things, the Tree of Life is, was, and will be All Ways. It is the pathway, the filing system, the teacher, and the holder of all Karmic understanding. In studying The Tree, you cannot help but see the miracles, signs, and wonders of life. Every day you will be touched by something you did not expect, when you realize just how much this world is connected to all things. The Tree also teaches us to understand all our emotions, all the places we have been, and the places we are going. It teaches us the balance of all things, and helps us to understand where things are, and how they fit in the grand expression of life. Lastly, the Tree of Life is there to guide us on the path of lost dreams. It is always there to help us onto the next stage, the next lesson, and onto the next dream, if only we start the journey.

May the Tree of Life guide your feet on the pathway set before you, and may its lessons continue to be a source of faith and knowing on the many paths ahead. So that We may be All Ways.


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