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The Sword and Rose



The Sword and Rose is a Spiritual and Metaphysical Shop,  but is also a committed Alchemical,  Esoteric,  Occult Temple.  In the heart of San Francisco,  Hidden - behind a courtyard consecrated to Asherah,  The Queen of Heaven,  we welcome all who seek clarity and direction on Their Own Unique Path.


We were born by a divine synergy of partners,  David Randy,  Patrick Michael,  and The Stars That Aligned in December of 1985.  The shop is now a sacred vortex for spiritual community, informations,  inspirations,  and illuminating initiating intense intentional incenses,  oils,  and baths,  all carefully ceremonially crafted.  With select books,  ritual tools,  talismans,  tarot, and divinational readings,  all surrounded in a vibrant energetic array of chosen candles,  crystals,  spheres,   stones,  points,  pyramids,  gems,  jewelry, and More.

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