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All Aboard! (White Buffalo Woman, Caravan)

Updated: Mar 16

These exceptional times are giving birth to extraordinary measures as we rise to The Long Awaited Ascension. As these energies intensify, our incense blending responds. This past week, two of our incenses were reborn, and another limited edition, for Now, is born. Our latest blending harnesses these intense time’s energies to give sight to the actual Most Highest Joy.

On Sunday, September 20th we reblended White Buffalo Woman, the Native American symbol of Prosperity, Faith, and Peace. She now is brightly illuminating the Treasures all around us. She reminds us that our New Home is already here, we need only to open our eyes. White Buffalo Woman protects Mother Nature, our responsibility is to Nurture Her.

Our reading for White Buffalo Woman reminds us to gather the qualities we need to remain fast to The Faith, and carry on. This Gathering creates Sacred Space, a sense of “home” no matter where we may be. Surrendering into Her Faith accesses The Unlimited Potential, releasing fears, and our illusionary efforts of control. Now is the time to trust This Generous Protector, and share the care to others. It seems darkest just before the dawn; and then the snares of our past traumas and pains can rise up, but transmute these poisons! As in alchemy, we withdraw the energies invested in the fears of our past and put it into the exuberant creations we are meant to express. By working through our difficulties in the present, we become free to create the pleasures of our future. White Buffalo Woman asks that we expect miracles to happen! Life is full of miracles, signs, and wonders! Allow yourself to perceive and receive them!

Only two days later, Caravan incense rose anew. As its name suggests, Caravan is sacred to the Nomads and travelers, and reminds us that no matter where we go, we can always find Our Path. Caravan is about anticipation and expectation for the unexpected, yet defined, that we know we are to be a part of. When we call on the Image of the Caravan, we commit ourselves to the next stages of our life. Caravan helps us To Be Ready to join The Parade to The Glorious Eden Already Ahead.

Caravan’s wayfaring attributes speak of the eternally mutable nature of life. Rather than resisting change, Caravan asks us to be excited about life’s continual twists and turns. What would life be without the Caravan of family and friends with whom we enjoy surprising new experiences on our shared journey? This is the perfect incense to remind yourself that change is in the air and that is a wonderful thing.

Our reading for Caravan provides even more insight about how to approach our commitment during these times. The Spirit of Caravan asks us to have Impeccability and Integrity of our higher self as we are drawn forward. When we face new changes ahead, we must leave behind the old masks of our former selves and step onto the next stage as the characters we are becoming and meant to play. Our travels may forever change our identities once we accept what we must meet in the next stages of life. Caravan also reminds us that sometimes it is okay to return to former places and people, so we may remember our history and integrate our lessons learned. Caravan, like White Buffalo Woman, also asks us to let go of our fears. Taking steps into the new isn’t always easy, but once you find the courage to take the Leap of Faith, you will be surprised by the wealth of opportunities that appear! Fear was Wrong! Caravan reminds us that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey, and that prepares us for any destination. Miracles and Wonders will show up along the way. Trust in your Heart and Travels.

Then on the following Friday a limited edition incense, called for Birth, and Exuberant Ecstatic Express is born. This incense Surprises us with the Very Real Now Joy, and the Absolute Certain Ascension. We have been so deluded by the Dark’s illusions of fear, anxiety, panic, and devisiveness that we aren’t seeing the wonders that life is so generously bestowing upon us at every moment, and who-knows-what imminently is yet to come! Exuberant Ecstatic Express will take us there!

As the previous readings reflect the energy of now, this incense is, but also tells us we are already, in The Ascension. You are on the Exuberant Ecstatic Express, so now is the time to appreciate these last preparations, and be of the Joy that is upon us. The gravity of life’s hardships are known, but the matrix that confined this to endless repetition is now decaying and dying. Be of the happiness that these trevales will soon be over. Maintain Your Faith Certainty, embrace your emotions to find the keys for the release to True Happiness. You can be happy and sad, or neither, and that’s okay. However we are feeling, it is now time for us to leave our hideaways and to live for ourselves so that we may break free from the confusion and chaos that have only sought to weigh us down. We will understand at some point why things happen, but we needn’t become fearful, only ask that our fears be exchanged for Faith. When we do this, we allow all things to exist as one. By protecting what we hold in our sovereign hearts, and protecting what others hold in theirs, we transmute chaos into the True Order of Unity that it is.

We see the dawn of the brilliant future ahead of us! Be of an Exuberant Ecstatic Heart, and so we can all venture toward our Joyous Expressions!


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