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Protector Goddesses of Egpyt (Selket, Udjat, Isis)

There are many protector gods and goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon. Selket and Udjat were traditionally associated with Isis in Kemetic lore. Selket (sometimes spelled Serket) evolved into an aspect of Isis in later Egyptian traditions. Udjat (sometimes spelled Wadjet) guarded young Horus, the son of Isis, from his uncle Set. Isis is a valiant protector of children, mothers, and the home. For us at The Sword and Rose, our incenses dedicated to Selket, Udjat, and Isis all confer protection in different ways.

Selket, the Scorpion Goddess, offers protection from venom, snake bites, and scorpion stings. She is a supreme protector of the other Gods, especially against the great snake Apep, the deity and “Lord of Chaos.” Our incense for Selket grants emotional protection. Selket lends us strength and courage to establish firm emotional boundaries. She dissuades abusers from taking advantage of empathic and caring people. This incense is especially effective for the empaths who too often take on the emotional burdens of others.

Udjat, the Cobra Goddess, was known as the Protector of Lower Egypt. After the unification, she became the guardian of all of Egypt. Udjat guarded the Pharaohs with her Cobra on their crowns. Her incense grants psychic protection and she is an expert at warding off Psychic and Magical Attacks. Her connection to the Egyptian Oracle is apt, helping those of us who work in the higher realms from being preyed upon as we do our work.

Isis, the great Mother Goddess of the Egyptians, guards the hearth, home, family, and especially women and mothers. Isis is an omnipotent goddess, and you can read more about her in our other posts. (Warmth of a Mother’s Arms, Isis Reborn, Blessing to our Space).

May these Divine Protectors keep you safe from every harm with their might and care.


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