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Asherah, Queen of Heaven

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

“Asherah, Queen of Heaven, hear our prayers. Shine your radiant grace to us, your children. May we never forget compassion and the love you have shown to us… You have dried the tears from my eyes, and held me in your arms as a mother and child. In your eternal embrace, my soul has been found.” - From the song "Asherah" by Farasha, written by David Randy.

On Saturday, April 24, we reblended our Asherah incense. Asherah holds an esteemed position for everyone at The Sword and Rose. She has been a powerful guide and mother to us, and through David, she was able to shine her light through us into the lives of many others. We have been personally graced with her guidance and love. As a result, we have experienced the mother that All deserve.

As the Queen of Heaven, there is nothing Asherah cannot do. She is the loving mother everyone deserves. She will wrap you in her arms and give you whatever you need. She is a goddess of joy, happiness, courage, strength, love, and transformation. Asherah has been worshipped by many cultures since the times of the ancient Semitics. Worship of Asherah persisted, despite efforts of old cultures to erase the divine feminine from history. In our day, Asherah has risen again with all her omnipotence and magnificence in the lives of those who call upon her.

Our reading for her reminds us to have strength and courage through all times. Faith requires great strength. Overcoming fear requires courage and knowing that by pushing through, you will see the other side of any situation. Asherah urges us to connect to our individual, personal sovereignty. Only you know what is best for yourself. We must know that we possess the tools we need within ourselves, and that there is nothing we cannot overcome. Asherah gives us a sacred place to inhabit. Her arms offer warm protection, love, and healing. She will give you space to manage all obstacles with grace, and will not judge you for the tears you may need to shed. As a goddess of transformation, she helps with the shedding the old and protecting your strength for the new. She protects you as you experience life’s changes, and will help you heal any old wounds that may show up as you start to purge layers of the past that you may not have been able to deal with at the time. Asherah can help with anything, no matter how long a challenge has been in your life. Sometimes the fears of life are best dealt with by playing dead to them. “Fake it ‘til you make it!” is sometimes all you can do, and she will help you with the strength to attract the life you want to have. The magnitude of her love and grace for us is greater than we can ever know, and she will gladly grant you her warmth and blessings.

Asherah, Queen of Heaven, hear our prayers.


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