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Bethel’s Blessings of Beginnings

When we want to bless our homes, we look to our Bethel incense. “Bethel” is literally translated as “House of God” in Hebrew. Bethel is great for breaking ground and building new foundations, moving into a new space, or reconsecrating your home to the Sacred Spirit. We chose to reblend Bethel on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, the day of Purim, Adar 14, in Jewish tradition. The story of Esther and Purim is very dear to the hearts of the Jewish people. We chose to imbue this blessed blend with the story’s power to protect sacred spaces.

Our reading, as always, spoke perfectly to the nature of the blend. When blessing a home, we are reminded to go back to the beginning (Salmon), creating a starting point from which we may renew ourselves. When edifying a structure, casting down roots, or renewing the energy of an old house, we must be humble enough to return upstream to the source as we establish sacred space.

We were then reminded that once the foundations are set, we can maintain sacredness while we build the continued structures and support systems (Spider). As Grandmother Spider weaves the web of our fate, she helps us attract blessings and repels everything we wish to keep out, giving us supreme protection. We are reminded that a sacred space is a space of growth and creation, and the starting point of manifestation.

When we consecrate our space for new growth, we are given the blessing of reconnecting to the dreams and wishes we have envisioned for our lives (Lizard). In a blessed space, we are able to allow our dreams to resurface to our consciousness, and allow ourselves to honor and once again strive for those dreams. On a more esoteric level, this also gives us the opportunity to process the dreams we have in our sleeping times, so that we may connect to the subconscious and unconscious minds as well. What is more sacred than the wisdom held within the depths of our own temple bodies?

Not surprisingly, but no less miraculously, we pulled the card that signifies blessed boundaries (Armadillo), a reminder that sacred space is protection unto itself. When we are wrapped in the arms of spirit, in the arms of love, we are truly protected. With Bethel, we can enter into a womb-like space, and this is the space that we have talked about returning to, where we can be nourished for the continued growth of our foundations into what we are building in our lives. This incense gives you the chance to retreat deep into connection with spirit on a profound level, creating the space for meditation and other workings within spiritual practice.

We are then reminded that a cleansing blessing or consecration gives you a clean slate and connects you to high spiritual law (Crow). We are reminded that universal law/spiritual law is greater than any man’s law. In a place of high spiritual connection, we are brought into balance and can start fresh from a point of the utmost spiritual integrity.

Lastly, we are reminded that from the point of sacred space, abundance springs forth (Buffalo). Emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical opportunities arise when we cultivate sanctified places. When we rest in the arms of Spirit, nothing is too grand to achieve.

May Bethel bring new blessings to your home, your body, and your dreams with peace and abundance from the highest spiritual law.

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