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Blessing to our Space

As these extraordinary times continue to develop, many of us cannot help but feel confined and alone within four walls. For those of us who are housebound, the strain of being stuck indoors is becoming increasingly difficult to bear. We are being asked to sit in our homes and truly confront our spaces. This can be a difficulty for some and a blessing for others. Wherever you fall within the spectrum of responses, we must strive to make our surroundings sacred.

This past Saturday (July 25th), we blended our Isis incense, consecrated to the Mother Goddess of Egypt. She is the Goddess to whom the Shop was dedicated, blessing our establishment when we opened in 1985. As the Goddess of Hearth and Home, Isis incense is great for blessing one’s space as well as one’s self. She is also the Goddess who brings and sustains health related to any feminine health matters, especially all aspects of childbirth and motherhood.

Patrick’s reading for this incense reminds us to connect to the ubiquitous Mother Earth. No matter where we are, her spirit is with us, and her spirit is sacred. Remember, all space is sacred space. Also, as you move forward, remind yourself that you transmute all that has happened previously into something new and beautiful. You and your space grow from all your experiences. Remember that your personal space is sacred, whether it is your home or simply the space you occupy while walking down a street. You are a scared home for your spirit, and should treat yourself as such as you continue to spiral into your potential. Take care of your health and the health of your home. When the energy around you is in dis-ease, so are you. Cleaning can transform a space from a place of Chaos into a serene temple. Be steadfast. Be willing to protect yourself and your home from energy and feelings that do not serve you and your space. Know that blessings are coming and that some are already there for you even in this moment. You need only ask, and the Goddess will happily give. Lastly, know that you have the power to choose the family that you welcome into your home and into your heart. Protect both home and heart, and only allow in those who will protect these sacred spaces, too.

Isis protects and loves all of her children. She lights the sacred flame that burns in all the priestesses of the world. May her light be a blessing to you.

After blending Isis incense on Saturday, we made more of our Avad Bath salts on Sunday (July 26th). Avad brings the divine light of the higher self into one’s body, so that one may live out their true will. Avad literally translates to “to serve,” as in “to serve one’s true purpose.” This Bath helps us truly be, embody, and project the light of our highest selves into our individual spaces and into the world, which too is our home.

Know that your soul, your home, your community, your city, your country, the world, and the universe are all worthy of blessing, and that each one is a profoundly sacred space. May you feel your sacred nature, and may all your spaces be blessed.

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