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Celebrating Happiness (Bastet)

Updated: Mar 16

On September 17, 2021 we reblended our incense that is consecrated to Bastet. Fun, sensuality, parties, music, and cats are all sacred to the great goddess Bastet. When looking for an incense to bring you happiness, or to get your creativity flowing, Bastet incense is a perfect companion. Her incense is great for celebrations of all kinds.

As a goddess of feline lineage, she is also a wonderful goddess who can connect you with cats, whether they are your own cats, or interdimensional beings of the same lineage. As a cat headed goddess, she is playful and brings manifold joys to all who adore her.

The reading for this blend spoke volumes about Bastet’s nature. Firstly, Bastet represents independence. Like a cat, you need to own your independent worth, and your own personal brand of power in all that you do. Honor the power within. Like a lion, remember to be loyal to your values. Surround yourself only with those who will celebrate that loyalty, and only those who will be loyal to you. Now is the time to connect to the unlimited joy and happiness that we can feel and express. Although things may seem dark, we can still connect to sensations that make us want to celebrate, make music, and even make love. Remember that the power of joy and happiness is so much greater than the power of fear. The light is connected to the highest law of the universe, and so the more joy and happiness we feel, joyful outcomes will prevail all the more powerfully. Refrain from engaging with worldly things that oppress you with sadness and fear. Everyone has their own ideas, thoughts, and illusions in their life, and on their own path. Yelling and fighting to change someone else’s mind will only exhaust you at this time. Let them come to their understanding in their time. Celebrate your own life and understandings, and realize that the power of change rests within your immediate circle of influence. Now is the time to listen to the messages of spirit. Trust your heart, soul, and The All to lead you to happy times ahead.

May Bastet bring you Joy, Music, Love, and all other reasons for Celebration!


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