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Dearest Grandmother

Great Grandmother Spider, overflowing with unconditional love, nurturance, and structure, is the energy that inspires our Spider Woman incense. Relended on September 18, 2021, with the rise of the all encompassing Piscien moon waters, a new arc thrusts us to our highest potentials.

Into her womb web she selects your greatest dream most meant for now, giving It form. As the Moon guides the ebb and flow of the Earth’s waters, so too does the Great Grandmother give life to your dreams. Spider Woman hung the Moon in the night sky. It is Spider Woman who weaves the webs of life and the tapestry of our destiny. She will help you weave from the webs of fate to catch and birth your dreams. As The Dreamcatcher, she makes sure that the strings of your dreams hold fast with boundaries to keep away those things that would diminish your dreams. Grandmother Spider invokes you to “dance your dreams alive,” Her Sacred Mantra. Dance and play while she, and you, weave the webs that hold your dreams into existence.

The reading for this blend continues to remind us that faith and joy is manyfold more powerful than fear. These fierce, joyful feelings we direct toward manifesting, will yield surprising results beyond our wildest dreams. Spider Woman maintains the highest spiritual law, which is love. Her love helps us conquer any challenge. Whether or not we realize it, our destiny and our deepest dreams are one and the same, and if we don’t know what our dreams are now, then she will help us rediscover them. For the present moment, Spider Woman is showing us that our “karma” is ever present. The destiny of the world is also present, and we are here for reasons we may not even know, and this is a beautiful thing. We are all going through an intense period of transmutation. All the “karma,” all the poisons of our past and present, microcosmic and macrocosmic, are being released, so that the eggs of the future are hatched, and are secure. Great Grandmother is our teacher, and she asks us to pay attention to the lessons learned in our past, to remember and react. Our dreams are supposed to bring joy, but a weaver still must weave, and a builder still must build. More specifically, Grandmother asks us to become weavers on the emotional and spiritual levels. Be silent and tune into your heart to practice introspection. What do we REALLY need? Not just what we may feel we want, but what we truly need. Grandmother Spider tells us that our dreams open us to exactly what we need, and this too opens us to what we truly want. With deep connection to our heart, our intuition, and our introspection, we will see through the illusions of others, of situations, or even from our own selves. As a maker of dreams, and as the keeper of the Moon, she can shine light in the darkness in order to see these deceptions and lies, and to help us trust our hearts. Gather your courage and let your heart guide the way forward, to manifest your path ahead.

Dearest Grandmother, give us the joy, strength, and love to bring our dreams into reality. Help us to weave the webs of our destinies in line with The Greatest Light. Thank you, Dearest Grandmother, for all that you haven given and continue to give us.


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