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Dreaming of the Abyss (Olokun)

Updated: Mar 16

The Sword and Rose just blended a brand new incense for the first time in several years, the second time we have blended a new incense since David’s passing in 2013. This new incense creation was inspired by a Dream-Vision. When relayed to Patrick, he immediately understood that it was a significant message from the Depths of the Ocean, as also a message from his love, David.

Its name is the Great, Olokun, Monarch of Oceans, Dreams, Visions, Mental Health, and Wealth - The Protector of Children, The Embodiment of The Primordial Energies, catalyzing all evolutionary processes. Olokun is the Divine Androgyny, appearing as Male, Female, and Otherwise in several Orisha worshipping traditions.

David, “baptised at the crossroads” in this tradition at 14, maintains a profound appreciation, respect, and love for these deities. The shop is thrilled to express this love with this new incense.

After the vision, there started a time of much meditation, ritual, research, and guidance. This lead Patrick to blend It on Monday, August 3rd, during the Full Moon and during the Opening of the Lion’s Gateway, composed of ingredients and energies specific to the symbolic attributes and spirit of Olokun.

We turn to Olokun to learn the Mysteries of Good Fortune. Even in Their “awesome” affluence, Olokun remains humble and caring. They reside in the deepest waters where life began, from which they guide and protect all who call on Them. As a primordial divine parent, Olokun is a great protector and provider for children.

Olokun is the supreme giver of dreams and visions, and the sacred keeper of secrets. As such, They guide one on the path to answers within the watery depths of the subconscious mind. Olokun presides over the Abyss, where the most mysterious aspects of our inner selves are hidden. Olokun invites us in and guides us deeper and deeper through the darkest voids until we reach the light of the core, the molten lava light of our truest being. This central resplendence encapsulates the very essence of life. It is believed that the Abyss holds more life than even we can ever know. Have faith that Olokun will never let you drown in the Abyss as long as you trust Their Divine Guidance toward This Sacred Light.

Healing is also a great power of Olokun. As you go deep within yourself, you must face your shadows. To receive the manifestation of your dreams, to trust and honor your visions, you must relinquish all memories of the past that stand in your way. Taking the Deep Dive into the Dark Unknown is never easy, but by facing your fears you will reap The Great Rewards of Olokun’s blessings.

By embracing Olokun, we assist in the healing of Mother Earth’s Embryonic Waters from Their Primordial Depths. Olokun considers all beings of the Earth as Their children. Trust Them as our Loving Parent.

We thank you, Olokun, for making yourself known, and for protecting us on our sacred path of evolutionary ascension.


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