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Love Conquers All (Hathor, Amore)

Updated: Mar 16

Love is one the most powerful forces in existence. It is the energy that motivates most, if not all, of our actions. How do we harness its tremendous power in a positive way? To understand this power is to hold the key to harmonious manifestation.

On Friday, January 22, we reblended our Hathor incense. Hathor is the Egyptian pantheon’s answer to Venus/Aphrodite. On a more esoteric level, Hathor reigns over all things connected to love, and by extension, wields influence over the subtle forces that motivate all things. On mundane levels, Hathor primarily presides over romance, beauty, wealth, and other material pleasures.

In addition to allowing indulgence in sensual joys, Hathor helps us to cultivate the garden of our relationships. She tells us which areas of the garden need attention. Where do we need to pull weeds? Which flower beds need watering? In accepting her guidance, we may become truly attentive and motivated partners to our loved ones. Hathor works wonders for those who need to have difficult conversations with their significant others. Hathor also assists in bringing love back into relationships that have faltered. In addition, Hathor fuels the fires of passion behind closed doors.

Hathor teaches us that we can learn from joyful and pleasurable experiences, reminding us that it is possible for us to find spiritual fulfilment in the material pleasures. Material experience is an important and inevitable part of our incarnate journey. Hathor helps us connect to love on the passionate, romantic, and physical levels. Hathor resides in things like delicious foods, makeup, jewelry, clothing, and bedding - all examples of some of the material pleasures in which we find comfort, joy, and love.

Our tarot reading for Hathor provided even more insight about her purpose for this blending cycle. An integral part of partnership is loyalty. One must show loyalty to the relationship and loyalty to oneself. Without being loyal to yourself, you cannot be truly loyal to any partner. Being loyal to oneself means being impeccable, accountable, and committed to integrity. Be truthful in all aspects of your relationship with yourself and others. Remember that the law of love is a spiritual law, and as such, there must be balance in all relationships. This does not mean that you necessarily have to make sacrifices, but you must remember that you cannot expect anyone to give up anything on your behalf. When there is confusion, falsehood, and dishonesty in a relationship, you will know that it is time to decide if it is time to cultivate the garden or start a new one. When both parties are committed to the relationship, there is a possibility for beautiful transformation, and this transformation is what makes relationships so wondrous. All relationships, whether they last or dissolve, are great teachers that can help us reach our true potential of love, if we let them.

On Friday, January 29, we reblended another incense devoted to the supreme power of the heart’s desires. We call this incense by the Italian word for love: Amoré. Our Amoré incense carries the power of love on all levels. This incense is great for self love, familial love, love for friends, and all other expressions of care between individuals and groups. Amoré is also a great party incense; it helps hearts to open in order to set the stage for friendly socializing. It is also the incense to use for attracting the love you deserve. Amoré can also connect us to that universal love that lives within the fabric of all things, making it a great vehicle for manifestation.

Our tarot reading for Amoré encourages us all to seek the love and care we merit according to the impeccability of our actions. Whether we receive love from the universe, from others, or from ourselves, we should strive to accept love with an understanding that we are worthy of it. As expressed in our reading for Hathor, being impeccable and having integrity came up again; the cards reminded us to be true to ourselves. We know this is one of the hardest things to understand within ourselves, as we all fight against traumas and indoctrinations that falsely condition our actions. Learning to understand the things that sometimes prevent us from receiving love requires time and discernment. Love is a journey to rebirth within and without. Love transforms our inner and outer worlds. By learning from the past, by giving our old selves love, we can look toward the future with greater impeccability. Sometimes this process helps us rekindle and connect to the dreams we may have lost, the love that had at one point propelled us forward. Our reading also reminded us that love is the best guide for helping us discern illusion from truth.

When life presents us with difficult decisions, we must ask ourselves if our actions are motivated by love, so that our actions may find their roots in integrity. Always remember to give love to yourself, as well as others. Be conscious of love, and you will use its power verily and effectively in your life in the highest good of all concerned.


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