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Love is Law (Amore)

Updated: Mar 16

There is no greater spiritual force than Love. Love motivates and energizes us. Love gives us joy, passion, and strength. It is also the greatest teacher. The pains of Love show us what we care about, and to whom or what we give our power. In magic, Love is considered the most important law governing the universe. Love is light and goodness, even if in some moments we can’t always see it as such.

On Friday, October 8, 2021, as the Moon traversed the deep waters of Scorpio while Lilith began her retrograde, we reblended our incense Amoré, so named for the Italian word for Love. The astrological auspices added profundity and potency to this blend. The deep recesses of the Scorpio influence teach us that unconditional love is a power that might be well hidden, yet can bring anyone back from the brink of dissolution and depression. Having the power of Lilith in retrograde brings up the power of the love of self. For it was Lilith, honoring her power and her own needs that left the Garden of Eden to allow herself to truly be herself. What greater love for oneself could there be than to leave what was thought of as a paradise, simply to be who one is meant to be? Love is not only an outward expression, it is also an internal connection. Amoré is our incense of love, instinctual unconditional love, firstly given to ourselves. Unconditional, innocent love, is the love you feel, not out of obligation, not out of any need, want, or thought of reason, it is love given simply because it is what you know, and what you feel.

The Amoré incense is also a great incense for helping hearts to open and heal. Getting in touch with the purest aspect of love heals the wounds from old hurts, and allows us to reconnect to love in a positive way. We call this a good socializing incense, because it helps people to be more open hearted and able to let the light of love be expressed in their actions and words.

The reading for Amoré added much to what this blend brings to the current climate. Love is courageous. It is not easy to be ourselves, or to love ourselves, especially in this time, but Amoré reminds us that the courage to be ourselves is the first step. It also reminds us that we need to have the courage to see that love can conquer all. Giving up so much for love is something people do all the time, but it is not an easy task. We need to be brave in love. It is the heart that gives you the power to conquer your world. The reading also reminds us about innocent love, Unconditional Love. The love a child feels for their parents. It is a love that is simply given because that is all you know, and all you feel. Loving innocently is how we open up the gates of heaven with the heart of a child. This is a reminder that Spirit loves you in the way of a mother to a child, and asks nothing in return.

We are also reminded that in connecting to love, we follow our heart. By following our heart, following our intuition, we can see through the illusions of the world in a way that truly helps us not to judge in severity, but to judge in mercy. To do this, we are reminded again to embrace all the emotions that come with love. Love has power on so many levels, that it can bring up several different emotions at once, yet still be umbrellaed in love. Love can make us feel happy and sad at the same time, and we don’t need to fight against those emotions, just let them be, and embrace the multi-emotional being that you are. Even when you have to let things go, love reminds us that all emotions, good and difficult, are all real, and by embracing all of it, we learn and grow. Love is not about forgiving and then forgetting, because self-love forgives, but remembers the lessons learned, and reminds us not to put ourselves in those positions to be hurt again.

The last two cards remind us that love is the highest spiritual law. That the emotion of love always outweighs the laws of man. With love, all things are possible, and it is the Love of The Universe, Love of The Spirit, Love of The All that brings the miracles of the world, and allows us to be truly connected to the Highest Divine Laws.

Live in Love to live in line with Universal Law! May love shine in your life with ever growing certainty and abundance.


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