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Masters and Guides

Ascended Masters, Guardian Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Angels. We have many words for the beings who help us live our lives. They help us on our journeys by guiding us to where we are asking to go.

Our incense called Mystic Master helps us connect to Ascended Masters as well as personal spirit guides and teachers. To honor these beings, we blended our Mystic Master incense on a supremely auspicious day. We blended this incense on Thursday, May 13, the day that Jupiter moved into the sign of Pisces. As the ancient ruler of Pisces, Jove is maximally jovial. The powerful optimism of Jupiter will transit the consummate sign of dreams and visions for the first time since 2010. We can therefore expect to receive Jupiterian justice, grace, and joy similar to the gifts the divine dispositor showered upon us in the early months of 2010.

The reading from our Mystic Masters matched the astrological auspices with another message of joy for this time. However, the Masters tell us that if we are to listen to them that it is imperative to pull back sometimes. In order to receive divine grace, we must sit with ourselves and retreat into isolation when we need to do so. In the still and silent we experience the true introspection we need to be able to listen verily. When you do this, remember to embrace all of your emotions. Know that the emotional messages you receive are helping guides, and that they are not meant to punish or push, but to lead gently. The path ahead is

supposed to be full of joy, with the creation of your dreams and desires. Your masters and guides are there to help you create the life you desire, so long as you learn to honor your own boundaries by protecting your sacred spaces. Do not take their guidance for granted. Listen to the still, small voices that are always there for you. All you need do is ask, and they will respond gladly.

May the Masters of our times help you in your pursuit of your highest path ahead. May their presence be known, experienced, and seen in your life so that you may have the knowledge and faith in their ever present power.


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