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Nothing is Impossible (Ganesh, Venus Bath)

Updated: Mar 16

On Monday, March 22, 2021, we blended Ganesh incense. Ganesha is the elephant headed god of the Hindu tradition who teaches us that all obstacles can be overcome, and that nothing is truly impossible. Consequently, Ganesha helps us see through all illusions of life, showing us that all things are easily pushed away and that we may see them for what they truly are. Ganesha also teaches us to honor our inner wisdom and intuition, to know ourselves, and to see our path ahead with clarity.

The reading for this incense tells us that it is okay to be still and silent, as this helps us to listen to the little voice inside us all. Our humble intuition can sometimes be our greatest tool when learning to remove obstacles. By pushing forward, we create sacred and sovereign spaces for ourselves. We should honor this idea within ourselves and others. Ganesha also teaches us to be patient. Progress does not necessarily happen overnight, and sometimes, in order to build something new, we have to commit to the hard work required for achieving our goals. Patience is rewarded if we are willing to see our way through to the conclusion of a project. Sometimes the greatest remover of obstacles is time. Remember that as you move forward that it is okay, and even necessary, to see how far you have come. You have learned much, and you would not be where you are without those lessons. Remember your past, but also remember that the way forward is in the now as you engage in the continual process of rebirth.

On March 26, 2021, we remade our Ritual Venus Bath. The bath of Venus is for the use of rituals of sensuality, sexuality, creativity, and femininity. This bath also connects to Venusian spirits, deities, and energies. Venus bath evokes the realm of elementals, fairies, and other natural entities. This bath, when used in conjunction with transits of the planet Venus, may also facilitate improvements for relationships. We recommend using Venus Bath on Fridays.

The reading for Venus Bath tells us to be gentle with ourselves. Remember that sexuality and sensuality are sacred, in whatever form they may take. There is no shame in connecting to this energy. Procreative energy is powerful when channeled into artistic endeavors as well. Our reading also spoke about the vicissitudes of relationships. Just because Venus is a pleasurable energy, it does not mean that it never evolves through tough times. Relationships come with their own sets of peaks and troughs. The way in which we handle these turbulent waters is what truly helps us foster our interpersonal connections. Remember that we are all unique

individuals with differing ideas, beliefs, feelings, and experiences. We must honor and love these differences in the people to whom we choose to give our time and energy. By healing contentions with compassion and understanding, we help to grow the potential of all of our relationships. Our reading also reinforced that although Venus is considered to be a consummately “feminine” energy, it is not a passive energy. Sex and creativity are very action oriented, and these forces are ones that can be harnessed to build something completely new. Whether you are working to transform the old or create something brand new all together, Venus can help us harness our creative forces for better or worse. Various temptations - not limited to sex, sensuality, and our relationships - have always had the power to pull you away from what might be your “right path.” We are often ensnared by our desires, needing outcomes to look a certain way, while not giving the universe the chance to create the outcome, or possibly an even better outcome than what you imagined. We must release our fears, especially around loss or failure, in order to be impeccable with ourselves and others. When you are true to yourself, you will have no reason to feel such fear; you will be able to obtain all that you desire. Though may not in the way you expect.


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