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Olokun, Spirit of the Vast and Mighty Ocean

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

On the auspicious New Moon of Thursday, June 10th, 2021, we reblended our Olokun incense. We blended incense consecrated to Olokun for the first time on the August Full Moon of last year (read the first blog post here). For this incense, we were especially intentional about astrological timing. Only the most appropriate archetypal aspects had to be in alignment for us to create this new blend. As the primordial deity of evolution, oceans, dreams, and visions, we chose to imbue our latest blend with the corresponding powers of the New Moon. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini was especially potent due to its conjunction with Mercury, the divine dispenser of occult wisdom. Additionally, Venus blended her divine feminine energies with the luminaries by an aspect called an antiscia. At the same time, the energies beyond the veil demanded our attention as the New Moon in Gemini formed a square with Neptune in the deepest depths of Pisces.

Our reading for the latest blend of Olokun incense echoed many of the themes of our previous reading, but also lended additional meaning about the current energetic climate in relation to where we were during the first blending. Olokun’s most primary attribute is Water, which is typically considered a medium of passive energy. This reading foretold that Water would now take on an active role of creation in the domain of Olokun. Although Olokun is ordinarily a more fluid and balanced deity, our reading spoke about Their more active role as a creator from the depths. For these times, Olokun initiates the spark of evolution, speaks loudly in dreams and visions, fiercely protects the innocent, and showers us with good fortune.

Olokun has asked us to take an active role in pursuing our goals. Our past readings for the most recent incense blendings have told us to retreat, to listen, and find the answers from our inner guidance. Olokun reminds us that once the answers present themselves, we must not be reluctant to act on them. Clarity of vision is a gift from Olokun, and They expect you to use that gift. We must keep pace with the way that makes sense. Do not drive your energy forward until it is time. Stamina is necessary once we start the race toward manifesting our desires. As a bringer of dreams and visions, Olokun reminds us to watch for the miracles happening all around us All Ways. There are signs everywhere, and not just in your dreams.

When you do move forward, make sure that what you do comes from your heart. You must “feel” that what you are doing is right for you. This is where faith enters. Naturally, we can feel hesitant. “Is what we are feeling “real”?” “Is what we want actually attainable?” “Do I have the strength to do this?” These questions are a natural part of our mental processes; we overthink when overwhelmed with the gamut of emotions that flood our psyches on a daily basis. As for other readings, Olokun reminds us to allow all of our emotions to be present. We are permitted to feel more than one feeling at a time. We are allowed to feel contradictory sensations. While in the depths of our emotional waters, Olokun simply asks us to move forward with impeccability and integrity. As we spiral down the whirlpool to the depths of the ocean, Olokun reminds us to swim into our potential at our own pace. The cyclical nature of time brings people, places, and things from the past into the present throughout our lives, reminding us of where we came from and where we are going. When things recur, we are blessed with the chance to do things differently. Honor lessons learned.

May Olokun connect you to the primordial beginnings of the deep. May They guide you through your own microcosmic depths, and may They help you evolve into the best you, protecting you for the duration of the journey. May Olokun grant you dreams and visions from the very essence of life.

Iba Olokun fe mi lo’re.

I praise the Spirit of the vast and mighty Ocean.

Iba Olokun omo re wa se fun oyi o.

I praise the Spirit of the Ocean Who is beyond understanding.

Olokun nu ni o si o ki e lu re ye toray

Spirit of the Ocean, I will worship You as long as there is water in the Sea.

B’omi ta ‘afi,

If there is peace in the Ocean,

B’emi ta’afi.

There is peace in my soul.

Olokun ni’ka le,

The Spirit of the Ocean, the ageless one,

Mo juba.

We give respect.


May it be so.

-Oriki, or Prayer, from Awo Fa’Lokun Fantumbi’s Yemoja/Olokun: Ifa and the Spirit of the Ocean.


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