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Power of Sekhmet

We blended incense consecrated to Sekhmet for the first time in the history of The Sword and Rose on November 24, 2020. For more information about Sekhmet and what she brought to our space, please click HERE.

With each subsequent reblending, our incense presents new blessings on a new arc through the next iteration of its alchemical story. The reading we gave for this blending, on December 4, 2021,not long after its first blending, gives us much insight into the continued narrative of this incense as it pertains to today’s energies and Sekhmet’s part in their interplay. This is a strong indication that her power is awakening with great force throughout the world.

The first card of the reading served as absolute confirmation that the spirits give us their blessing for this reblending, Unlimited Potential! This incense is most assuredly for right now as the power of Sekhmet explodes into our time.

The rest of the cards give us continued insight into the power of Sekhmet. She is the one to dissolve confusion and chaos from our minds, hearts, and spirits, allowing for our true selves to come forward. Whether Sekhmet is reestablishing order in the microcosm or macrocosm, she is helping us to see through that discord which is nearing its end. Sekhmet teaches us that the clearing process does not happen overnight, and that it is not an easy process. This is why asking for her help assures us to be patient and have faith. She reminds us that we must have enduring courage and persistence to purge the pandemonium from our lives. Remember that the work in itself is rewarding; balance and peace await us just on the other side of the fight.

Sekhmet also tells us to be still and silent, and to honor our intuitive faculties. Remember that fights are not won by being brash and brazen, and we can become too ferocious if we let our anger lead us into the fray. Like Sekhmet, we need to temper the might and fury that may not result in the best outcomes. Sometimes we need to realize that we are all children of the universe, and it is in our stillness and silence, like the mythical hallucinogenic sleep of Sekhmet, that we truly connect within ourselves and can center as one with our highest self.

Sekhmet is the reminder that truth, balance, and sacred law are all part of the universe. We may not understand why spirit presents the way that it does, but we can be assured that spirit will always right itself. The laws of the universe are greater than we know, but they are not unknowable. Sekhmet protects these laws; and she helps us maintain these universal laws within ourselves.

The final card encouraged us to maintain our faith and expect miracles to happen. We don’t always understand the ways of Spirit; but we can have faith that the future holds something that is grander than we can even think to ask for. We must get out of the universe’s way when it is trying to uphold these truths, and once we learn to live with spirit, miracles show up every day, along with the signs and wonders that Spirit casts before us unceasingly. Sekhmet can help us go with the spiritual flow when we allow her to expurgate the illusions, so we can see the truth.

Remember, working with Sekhmet’s power requires stewardship, and this work brings great rewards to those who are ready to let the divine operate according to its omniscient will.


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