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Power of the Tetragrammaton

On Sunday, March 28, 2021, we blended our incense, Tetragrammaton. Last Sunday was subject to the power of the full moon in Libra opposing the Sun and Venus in Aries. We felt this was a powerful time to reblend the next iteration of Tetragrammaton incense in its life at our shop.

The name Tetragrammaton is intensely powerful for anyone who practices magic in western occultist traditions, especially for those who practice Qabalah (Kabbalah/Cabala). The Tetragrammaton is a word for the Hebrew structure of the name for God, Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh. Since the name should not be spoken aloud, the word Tetragrammaton is used as a verbal substitute. As the name of god, Tetragrammaton possesses the most abundant powers of protection and magick.

Mystics have written extensively about the sacred and scholarly import of Tetragrammaton for thousands of years. Although this energy may be used for many purposes, we generally recommend Tetragrammaton incense for establishing sacred ceremony because of its magical potency. The complex combination of ingredients and intricate rituals necessary to create this incense make it an ideal choice for those who perform ceremonial or ritualistic magicks. This incense will guide you through the veil to the Ark of the Testimony.

Our oracle reading for this incense gave us

even greater insight into the power of the

Tetragrammaton for this blending. Tetragrammaton reminds us that you can harness its unlimited power through ritual. You are only limited by your own perceived limits, and those limits are only illusions. Tetragrammaton also encourages us to gather that which we value and tells us the importance to commit to the work necessary for any spiritual or magickal practice or growth. Decide consciously what you choose to summon into your life. Listen to your heart when forming wishes because the heart is your connection to the spirit and to your intuition. Sometimes we must also remember to be still and silent to tune into spirit’s guidance. Tetragrammaton teaches us that honoring our intuition in secret becomes some of the most powerful magick. When we take action after tuning into our intuitions without announcing our wishes, there is nothing we cannot do, as we hold such power within ourselves. Tetragrammaton reminds us that the unlimited potential of the magick of the universe rests within us, and in the true knowing of this, our own unlimited potential is realized.


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