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Pull Yourself Together (Osiris)

Updated: Mar 16

There are times in our lives when we feel like shattered glass. We live in a society and a world where so much is dictated about how we should live. We are told what to believe, how to educate, how to work, make a living, and “survive” according to their standards of “a good life”. We have imprinted expectations about who we will love, how many children we will have, how they will be taken care of. And so on and so on. So very very much of our lives appears to be set in future stone.

It is no secret that so many have felt this way throughout 2020 thus far. When your life is reduced to the ephemera of a time that will never return, you wonder how you could ever possibly start to put your real life together. Life tests our ability to thrive, not merely survive, the events that cause us to reevaluate the aspects of our existence. Whether we are asked to confront death, heartbreak, love, unemployment, moving; drama and trauma- it is our sacred duty to reassemble these pieces of our unique experiences to our highest potential.

This is the way it is. Spiritually, every soul’s awakening is coming to terms with who I really am, and what I am really meant to express in my life. We must let go of all the dictates attempted to be imprinted upon ourselves and to find our one true self, that Spirit has always meant us to be.

This is now the time for the magick of Osiris. He was murdered, dismembered, and scattered to the far reaches of the world. Yet when his wife, Isis, found and reassembled his bodily fragments, he was miraculously revivified. When she gathered his parts as one, his broken body and spirit reunited as one New Resurrected Whole.

So many jumbled up pieces of ourselves need to be reassembled to make sense. In this incredible ascension and return of the most high feminine (as with Isis’ True Love), comes the clarity and understanding of our most righteous way. This here moment is where Osiris can be most helpful in our reawakening. In the reassembling of ourselves all the pieces must be in the right order if we are to be who we are meant to be. Osiris sees the sterling system of the perfect mechanism of every part being in its right place. And only from there does our resurrection and ascension to the most high feminine come forth. The divine clarity coming through now gives Osiris the direct focus to finally complete our souls affirmation and embracing of our highest soul self.

We blended Osiris incense on Monday, August 31st, to bring forth these ideals. Additionally, Osiris teaches us to maintain ourselves and grow from there. We can take up our mantle and deem ourself ruler of our kingdom, our lives, our ownership of our rebirth. Once you have been through this resurrection, keeping yourself together becomes easier.

We have been so scattered, our emotions hijacked and pushed in so many directions, that we get so confused about where we are supposed to be. Imprinted confusion that keeps us from being able to see our own correct spiritual path. Osiris helps us to truly know that who we are and what is our path. Therefore, the next day Tuesday, September 1st, we blended an intense new incense for this time: Next Archangel. This incense gives you the courage to ask for what is best for you now, and then have the courage to accept what is coming up “next.” Next Archangel complements the Osiris blend; when used together, these incenses offer a combination of powerful magic that allows one to bring the pieces together, and to ask for the integration of those pieces that had been so widely dispersed throughout this lifetime and others.

We pray that you find strength in knowing that you have all the power you need to resurrect yourself and maintain your new growth from there. You now know your new rebirthing process and know that what you seek is always achievable and manifestable if you only believe in your wishes and yourself, no matter how shattered you may feel.


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