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Receiving Higher Consciousness (Rose Cross, Mystic Master)

Updated: Mar 16

A selection of our incenses foster reception to higher states of consciousness. These states may be channels to the higher self, divinity, or spirit guides. Alternatively, these incense are wonderful for helping us simply to be open to what the universe wishes us to experience.

Rose Cross is both an incense and a prayer. It helps one connect to the highest self. The prayer is sung to bring one’s self into service of light and source. The Rose Cross prayer, sometimes equated with the Kabbalistic Cross prayer, is usually performed before any high magical ceremony, so as to attune yourself to the true nature of source and eschew the false ego.

We recommend this incense for performing the Rose Cross Prayer, and for bringing down the power of your higher self. When you tune yourself to this power of prayer, you give your own divine nature the opportunity to be lived through you.

Mystic Master incense also attunes us to higher consciousness through conversation with the ascended masters, as well as any of our own personal teachers and guides. This incense was recently reblended, and therefore brings a message through a reading from the Medicine Cards for current energies.

The first card is the card of sacred law, the Crow. When speaking from the standpoint of Mystic Master, sacred law reminds us that when we connect to our teachers and guides, especially from the higher planes, we will be taught what we need to learn, not what we may think we want to learn in the moment. Trust that you will learn what you need for your life path. This is echoed by the next card, Mouse, a reminder not to get too lost in the details about the “how?”, and be willing to see the big picture of the “what?”. Be receptive to what you are learning in the now, not what you would rather be learning in the now.

The next card, Frog, is about cleansing. Sometimes our own emotional and mental hangups get in the way of our ability to listen to the higher Masters and Teachers. Frog reminds us that when we go to the spirits, we need to wash ourselves of prior expectations in order to receive the messages without our inherent biases. Mystic Master incense can help us clear obstructions to connecting with spirit.

The Wild Boar card teaches us that sometimes we must confront our own internal biases, feelings, and ideas. When opening your heart, allow yourself to review old feelings and thoughts that perhaps may no longer be true for you. This idea works in tandem with the next card, Blue Heron, which is the card of self-reflection. We recommend reflection both before and after working with masters and guides to make sure that the messages you have received are true to you. This is also a reminder that what is true for you may not be true for someone else. Do not be tempted by the dogmatic ways of fanaticism. Instead, be ever present with what you are meant to do for you.

The final card of our reading from the Masters is Elk, who champions endurance. Elk reminds us to do the work. Once we have been given the lesson and guidance, it is up to us to act on the lesson and live the newly found wisdom. If you are given the lesson, but choose not to do anything with it, the spirits will stop talking until you do. If you are truly ready to be open, commit to the work that accompanies your learning. Remember, it is this work that will bring you the greatest rewards.


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