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Spring's Passions Renewed (Eros)

Updated: Mar 16

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth. Flowers are blooming, rains are cleansing the air, animals are coming out of hibernation, and the days are growing longer. Soon May Day will be upon us. May Day is also known as Beltane in pagan traditions, or Walpurgis Night for German Catholics. May Day is a time of rejoicing and basking in the plenitude of Spring. For people all over the world, this is an emotional and magickal time of great celebration.

The joyful cheers of May Day invoke the powers of passion. Animals are beginning to mate, bees are pollinating crops, we feel compelled to experience passion. Spring is in the air, which is why, nearing the full moon on Thursday, April 22, we blended our Eros incense.

Eros is our incense of passionate love. The kind that makes you want to stay up all night and still feel refreshed in the morning. Eros is the love of desire, the kind that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, laugh uncontrollably, cry, and yes, even moan from ecstasy. Eros reminds us that passion reveals deep powers when love is present. Passion isn’t quick. It builds, it floods, it pushes us to new and greater heights. Eros’ passion of life is a reminder to stay in touch with the essence of the pure joy of living, even for its own sake.

The reading for Eros gave us some greater insight into the nature of passion for these times. Eros tells us that when we feel passion, we must firstly and foremostly remember to be of integrity. We must know ourselves well enough to know whether these emotions are genuinely coming from a place of love. Just because you may desire something, doesn’t mean it’s something you should be desiring. Learn to tell the difference. You can do this by connecting to your inner power. Introspection upon the ideas of desire, love, lust, and passion all become easier to understand. When you meditate on your personal experience of these emotions, you can employ them in their purest sense. Our reading also reinforced the idea that passion is strong, but that we must be patient in order for it to grow. Know that it will build, and push you onward. Eros also reminds us that passion and desire are a part of life immemorial. They are purest in love, and are part of the karmic stream of life itself. The Earth’s passions grow in tandem with our own. Our desires stem from nature itself. Connecting with the energy of mother nature’s pure essence will help us to understand these energies within ourselves and the way they manifest in our life in the purest sense. Lastly, passion, desire, love, should all be approached with innocence. These feelings are a part of all beings, and it is in their true form, pure form, innocent form, that we see just how powerful of a magic such feelings can be.

May Eros guide you to your true passions. May it remind you of your desires and your love of life. May you be gifted the joy of understanding the true passion of love.


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