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Temple of Earth, our Sacred Home

Our Temple of Earth incense, which was reblended on January 14, 2022, is a great incense for grounding. Temple of Earth reminds us that even the physical world is a spiritual place. All too often do we forget that the material plane is a sacred teacher. Earth is a truly sacred place, and Gaia is just as much a Temple as any church you may visit. No matter where you are, you may commune with our Mother Earth; Temple of Earth is a reminder of this omnipresent connection.

This incense is the spirit of the Earth, and as such, we would be remiss not to acknowledge its connection with the Fairy Realm and to all Spirits of Nature. This incense calls forth and strengthens the bonds between the seeker and those verdant beings and their mossy realms. The Temple of the Earth is sacred to these Spirits. Humans and Sprites together can help make the Earth feel like the temple it is through caring communion and cultivation.

At the blending ceremony for this incense, the oracle gave us several urgent reminders about the foundations of Spirit in Earth in our physical realm. The first card (Crow) cautioned that Nature is among the highest expressions of Sacred Law. Nature’s awesome power is that of balance and symmetry. This message reminded us that the concept of “As Above So Below” represents the simultaneous oneness and duality of the Spiritual and Physical worlds. Nature follows Universal Law, which does not always act in the interest of human will. There are laws far greater than human laws. The Earth will always seek to balance itself as it sees fit.

Temple of Earth asks us to understand the parts in relation to the whole. We are asked not to be caught up in the minor details that distract us from the big picture (Mouse). Sometimes we are so distracted by worldly happenings, be they political intrigues or daily family conniptions, that we forget that we must remember the grace of the grand scheme of things. Have faith that all will work out. To sense this, pull back for a moment, and the connection to the Temple you are living in is right there if you allow yourself to feel it.

In keeping with the theme of balance, we are cautioned against falling into the trappings and the illusions that exist in the spiritual world. Remember Rudyard Kipling’s pithy poetry that reads:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;

If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same…

We cannot rely on inner work alone to go for what we wish to accomplish in this physical experience (Badger). Whether you barrel full speed ahead on your current path or turn a full 180 degrees from the life path you’ve been on, you have the power to set your course every day, and all you need to do is follow your heart. Know that Spirit is there to support you as you take your leaps of faith!

As you weave your way on your journey, you find that Nature is not an easy thing to understand, and is fraught with hazards and confrontations (Wild Boar). These obstacles are the lessons and tests that we have to push through in order to understand the true power of Nature and Balance. The Temple is a place of worship and honor, but also a place of edification. Not all who set out to become priests of the Earth’s Temple understand the many years, even lives, it takes to truly overcome the challenges placed before us to help us understand what it means to be one with the Spirit of the Earth.

Once you have triumphed over obstacles large and small, the Earth aids you in the cleansing and clearing process (Frog). Who doesn’t feel the energetic bath of divine serenity from Earth when walking out in Nature? Nature helps us to recenter, to reground, and to reconnect to our true selves. Whether you enjoy a bath, shower, or a wash in the sunlight, the powers of Nature can help us cleanse our mind, bodies, emotions, and souls. This is a reminder that spending time with the Earth is a very important part of our soul’s maintenance. It is crucial to let the Earth clear out the buildup of junk in our systems on all levels. There are many ways to let the Earth cleanse us: eat healthy food, swim in the ocean, or speak with a tree... the possibilities are endless. In return, we must remember that we are stewards of this Temple. Just as Earth detoxifies us, we must help keep it clean and clear, and do what we can to maintain it for the stewards who will come after us.

Lastly, Temple of Earth reminds us that it is okay to surrender (Swan). The Grace of Spirit is available to us if we trust that it will always come to us. It is difficult to give up control of how things have to be, or how things have to look, or how things have to be done, instead of allowing for Nature, and for Spirit, to teach us to trust in the Divine Timing of things. We must acknowledge that there will always be things we do not and cannot know about the mysterious workings of the Universe. Temple of Earth incense is the reminder that Nature and Spirit are not beholden to our ideas, but the ideas of the Divine mind which can never be superseded.

May the Temple of Earth ground us in the faith that the divine is here, now, always present, and always available to us. May we be emboldened to care for this Temple and our own spirits and bodies in the same way.


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