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Thank You to Three Hands Press / Xoanon

Three Hands Press, under the auspices of Xoanon Publishing*, produces magnificent editions of occult literature that beguile the mind and the senses. Three Hands Press is widely recognized for publishing collectible copies of beautifully curated metaphysical treatises on a variety of special interest topics. The highest quality academic research goes into these books, making them some of the most wonderfully abstruse works you can find in our modern day. Offering works on Renaissance Practices, Plant Magick, Ancient Witchcraft, and Esoteric Poetry, Three Hands Press publishes extensive literature on the history, theory, and practice of Magick.

Each book offers such a wellspring of information for anyone interested in the subject matter. If you are fortunate enough to own a book published by Three Hands Press, be prepared to spend many a day and night contemplating and meditating on the information you will receive from such illustrious works.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of the work this company has done to study, honor, and preserve such intense compendia of magical knowledge. We at The Sword & Rose have been blessed and honored to house and supply many books bearing the sign of three hands, including several editions that are no longer available to the public at any other location. We commend Daniel Schulke, Publishing Director, for helping accumulate and distribute such an extraordinary wealth of occult knowledge through his incredible work with Three Hands Press.

*Xoanon Publishing is a closed publishing company that produces literature strictly on behalf of Cultus Sabbati. If you are interested in exploring the work of the Sabbatic Craft, please visit their website:


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