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The Divine Support of the Elohim

The name Elohim carries a wide array of images, thoughts, and feelings for those who recognize its power. In fact, the Hebrew word Elohim is a masculine noun in the feminine plural. Our incense therefore refers to the Elohim as a multitude. As one of the many complex names of god, like Tetragrammaton, Elohim is conceptually multifaceted. Attempting a simple intellectual distillation would not do the emanation justice, but for the sake of conciseness, we define Elohim as the energy that calcifies our manifestations into form, giving creation at once both reality and finality, start and end.

Elohim connects us to the sphere, or Sephirah, called Binah on the Tree of Life. Binah is the Sephirah of the first manifestation, the first form, and the Supernal Mother, as well as the first evolution of structure. Our Elohim incense therefore helps you to build a sturdy foundation for whatever you are trying to bring forth into your life. Elohim forms building blocks that ensure that you have the consistent support to follow through to the fruition of your projects.

Elohim is also the Sphere of Saturn, which is another reason why we reblended Elohim incense on Saturn-day, June 12th, 2021, while the Moon blended its energies with Venus in Cancer. These astrological energies lended the very essence of motherly connection to our blend. At the same time, Venus and the Moon formed a loving sextile to Uranus in Taurus, encouraging us to forge our own unique structures by shooting our roots into our desires. If we commit to building our foundations, we will have the opportunity to leap forward into the reality we wish to live in.

Our reading for this blend gives us further insights about messages from the Elohim for this time. Firstly, Elohim reminds us that we attract what we put out. We need to set the foundations of what we want before our wishes can manifest in the third dimension. Understand that your experiences up to this point have prepared you in ways that you may not even recognise yet, and that these have set in motion the structures from which you will spring forward. Our reading also reinforced the oracular declarations of Uranus; Elohim prepares us to grow personal sovereignty by honoring the inner maverick. We are allowed and encouraged to set OUR foundation where WE wish. We are not obligated to build the lives that other people have defined for us.

Our reading also reminded us of the Saturnine influence of Elohim. Simply put, foundational work takes time and hard work in the form of planning, preparation, patience, perseverance, and precision. Elohim reminds us that taking the time to honor these things is of critical importance. If we need to pull back and retreat for a bit, that is okay, and even encouraged. However, this does not mean you should fall into the pitfalls of perfectionism. Sometimes we need to release our fears when it is time to start the building process. When we are too narrow-minded, we sometimes miss opportunities presented by the universe. This can happen when we do not give the universe a chance to orchestrate the perfect scenario because it’s not exactly what we thought it should look like. Remember, Elohim gives the foundation and structure, like the skeleton of a building will look quite different from the completed structure.

As for many other readings before this one, Elohim also reminded us that all of our emotions are valid, and that we must be present with all of them. In facing our emotions, Elohim asks us to be courageous. Fear will inevitably arise when we are building something new as we break away from outdated and worn out structures. Even if we are rebuilding the old structures of our lives that have fallen apart, change can be difficult. Yet Elohim gives us the courage to move forward, even in the face of fear. The Elohim lend the structure that will always be there to catch you if you fall.

May Elohim grant you the firm foundation, the guiding hand, and the loving support for that which you are building. May They help you follow through on your path ahead, and teach you the lessons of time and structure. We pray for sturdy foundations from the highest emanations of manifestation. Amen.


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