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The Power of Angels

On May 23, 2021, we reblended our Archangel incense in honor of all the Archangels, but more specifically to the Archangels of the four directions: Michael (East, Air), Gabriel (North, Earth), Uriel (South, Fire), Raphael (West, Water).

Archangel energies uphold the balancing vibrations of the number four. The Archangels of the cardinal points balance the four directions, the four elements, the four worlds in the Tree of Life, and the four stages of magic. This incense balances quadrupled elements in our lives, and helps us when we have given too much attention to one part of our experience and not enough to others.

As the name suggests, the incense can, of course, also help you to commune with any of the Archangels who preside over the particular energy you wish to bring into your life. For example, call upon Michael for protection and strength. Invoke Raphael for healing on all levels. Uriel connects us to divine wisdom and truth, and helps us see that which is hidden, or perhaps that which we have hidden from ourselves. Gabriel assists us in hearing, interpreting, and understanding the messages of the divine, as well as carrying our own messages up to the heavens. These are the most commonly sought Archangels, but there are many others on whom to call with this incense.

The reading for this incense contained many insightful keys for these times. Firstly, the Archangels reminded us that sacred space is a product of harmony and balance. The angels encapsulate your space with protective boundaries. They also help us integrate all aspects of our life. To achieve balance is to integrate all emotions, thoughts, and materials of the physical world. We must be willing to do the work to harmonize ourselves. Sometimes this leads to breaking away from the traditional path, the path that others are traveling, or the path others wish you to travel. Who knows you better than anyone? Listen to yourself and the teacher within. Sometimes, to protect and balance ourselves, we must retreat to listen to the still and quiet voice within. Take a step back to process. Sitting in conversation with yourself is no easy task. This calls for discernment and contemplation. It is usually best to respond rather than reacting, if you can.

As for our previous readings, the Archangels continued to emphasize the importance of joy. Happiness and hope are our most powerful weapons against the negativity of the world. Feel joy when it appears at random, and remember to find joy in the little things, as these are the building blocks of the greater moments of ecstasy. Lastly, as Archangels protect, guide, balance, and harmonize you, they will lead you out of the confusion and chaos around you. This reading is a reminder that you are now exiting the chaos. Remember the lessons you learned when you journey through it. There are profound lessons to learn from all aspects of the universe.

May the Archangels protect you. May they bless you with the will to move forward in harmony.


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