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The Power of Lilith

We reblended our Lilith incense on the fiery, dynamic First of March, 2022, a time for drawing in the power of the darkening moon. Lilith’s mythologies are as numerous as they are conflicting: Lilith appears as The First Woman, a Demoness, the Mother of Succubi, a Goddess, and many other forms. Mystery, chaos, rebellion, and misrepresentation are integral to the spiritual teachings of Her enigmatic identity over the millennia.

The Sword and Rose honors all aspects of Lilith, as paradoxical as they may be. All have one thing in common: the ultimate expression of personal power. She reminds us to protect our personal autonomy, even in the face of opposition. In empowering our deepest selves, no matter how wild they may be, she helps us express our sexuality and truly connect with those deep desires that our society may deem shameful. She teaches us all about sovereignty and equality, and that you ultimately decide who you are going to become in this life.

As a protector of the outcasts, Lilith watches over those who are shunned by their circumstances and feel like they don’t have a home. Lilith instills ideals of individuality and autonomy in the young so that they will not grow up to feel shame in themselves, and can learn to truly honor their unique paths.

Our reading for this Lilith blend began with a message from the trickster (Coyote). This tells us that the energies of Lilith can be confusing for those of us who are so caught up in certain social, religious, and moral ideals of our day. Lilith, as a being who honors her sexuality, can be seen as a temptress-trickster who seduces with smoke and mirrors. Yet she teaches us that our deconstruction of the very dichotomy between purity and debauchery shows us where true faith lies. By engaging with her, she shows us our own innate desires. She laughs in the face of hypocrisy and revels in the rising liberties of those who have been silenced, censured, and oppressed. As the first woman, Lilith teaches us that feminine wiles (belonging to all genders) are born of intensity, dominance, and pleasure - and they shall not be contained!

Lilith demands that we get out of our heads to see the grand and glorious scheme of the wild unknown (Mouse). Running at full speed from the logical mind, Lilith embraces instincts. Stop being so critical of what you feel, and allow yourself to feel what truly sparks your desires into blazing bonfires. Sometimes we scrutinize so much that we hold ourselves back from exploring our wants and needs. Lilith tries to tell us to let go, to allow ourselves to explore, to go out into the wilderness, and to find ourselves. One person’s Garden of Eden may not be yours.

We are reminded that Lilith comes bearing heavenly blessings (Dolphin). Even though she might have been cast from the Garden of Eden, even though she said “No!” to God, she tells us that blessings are still abundant in the wilderness and that grace may be found in even the darkest places. Despite her disobedience, She still got everything She wanted, and She gives this gift to those who call upon her. She became the mother of the rebels and mavericks, the caretaker of those who were ostracized for being authentic, and she continues to bless those of us who seek our own equality and autonomy outside of the societal “norm.”

It is not always easy to take the reins of your desires and to believe that you are worthy of blessings and love as much as anyone else. This is why we are reminded to honor our intuition (Lynx). Our intuition will guide us to what we desire, if we let it. When our intuition sets us on our path, Lilith reminds us again to “Go for it!” (Badger). She wants us to achieve our desires, and break the bonds that hold us back from them. She will gladly give us a push if we need the help starting the momentum.

Lastly, we are reminded that with autonomy comes the need to act wisely with discrimination (Weasel). Be smart about the way in which you go about getting what you want. This is your life, your power, and your desires; you have a responsibility with how you use them. Lilith does not teach us the power of equality to try and overpower others, but to honor that we are all on a level field, that others too are equal, and in many ways, mirror images of ourselves. Remember that others deserve to have their autonomy honored as well.

May Lilith honor your desires and help you connect to the deep inner power you hold within.


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