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Time for Joy, Time for Healing (Spider Woman, Six Grandfathers)

Updated: Mar 16

Look No Further: The Time for Joy and Healing is Here

In times of uncertainty, we search for answers far and wide. We search for answers within and without. The spiritually inclined may seek truth through intuitive and emotional means: meditation, ritual, and prayer. The logically inclined may prefer to seek truth in other ways of understanding, by writing, conversing, and analyzing. We all engage in a wide variety of activities that serve as coping mechanisms for an absence of understanding. All of our truth-seeking tools are designed to help us make sense of the world in times of chaos.

Never take for granted the multitude of possibilities available to you in times when you feel lost and directionless, for these are the perfect times for you to manifest joy and healing. We believe these times allow you to look out to the paths that lie ahead of you. This is the time to breathe and to let yourself pause to think about the things that you want, the things you need, and the things that make you happy. In these times, remember to heal the things in the past that might not have served your wants, needs, and joys. Remember that you must know what you do not want in order to determine your sacred wants!

The shop recently re-blended two incenses that help in tackling the sometimes daunting endeavor of going for what you want. On Saturday, August 1st, we blended incense in the name of Spider Woman, who is also known as Grandmother Spider. Spider Woman is the one who weaves the tapestries of life, and who created the moon by plucking out a piece of the sun for the night. She reminds you to “dance your dreams alive!” In exclaiming this, she tells us to go for our dreams, to listen to them, and not to forget to have fun and to feel joy while doing so. Grandmother Spider will rock you in her arms and protect you from all who would stand in your way. Her love is more powerful than anything, and it will help you to manifest every dream that lives within your heart.

The reading for this incense blend reminded us that all endeavors are ultimately spiritual ones, and that simply living your dream is a step in healing. Remember to experience joy in the process. The first step in living your dream is knowing yourself, being happy with yourself, and returning to the true, innocent version of you: the one who is excited about everything new, the curious one who wants to ask questions about everything. Be loyal to yourself and to your feelings, and turn the compassion you give to others inward as well.

On Sunday, August 2nd, we blended our incense named for the Six Grandfathers. The Council of Six helps examine everything in one’s life and heal through the process of evaluation. The Six Grandfathers help with the greatest healing. From physical to spiritual, whether person, ancestor, or place, nothing is too great for their presence to clean, clear, and help bring peace. They help one connect back to one’s own ancestral lineage while giving one the ability to look at their ancestors with an open heart.

The reading for the Six Grandfathers reminds us that wherever healing occurs, sacred space is formed. When sacred space is formed, all necessary boundaries and protections are created. One of the greatest difficulties of healing is to have the courage to face the healing process at all. Sometimes wounds have to be reopened for infections to be extricated, and the courage to suffer more pain for the payoff is not a strength to be diminished. Although healing may require meticulous attention and great hardship, don’t forget the blessings that are being given to you as the process continues. Healing demands patience, introspection, and time. Remember that the word patience comes from the Latin word “pati,” which means “to suffer,” from which we also derive the word “passion.” Be passionate about your healing and give yourself the stamina to heal correctly. Healing doesn’t take a day or even two, and no one heals from the same wounds in exactly the same amount of time. So allow yourself the time to heal in your own way.

Whether it is your time to create joy, your time to heal, or your time to do both, know that you are exactly on schedule as soon as you set your sights forward. May you be blessed with the power you deserve, and may the ancestors give you the guidance and strength you need. Blessings to the dreams you hold most dear. Blessings to your healing in the highest good.


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