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Truth, Justice, and Communication (Ma'at, Shaman, Talking Feather)

Updated: Mar 16

On Friday the 13th of November, 2020, we initiated a powerful blending cycle for our incenses. In this cycle, we reblended three incenses that have not been on our shelves in nearly twenty years. We also gave new life to a sacred oil that has been absent from our shelves for many years past. Reborn with new vigor, these blends bless us with their power and strength so that we may best endure these times. All speak that now is the time to look inward to our hearts and souls to deepen our truest integrity.

We blended the first incense of the cycle, named for Ma’at, on the day of Friday, November 13th. Ma’at is the Egyptian deity of Truth and Justice. Once a soul is taken to the afterlife, Ma’at weighs the heart of the deceased against Her feather. The power of our Ma’at incense is not to be underestimated; not only does Ma’at bring truth, justice, and harmony to the collective, she will also weigh your individual heart and judge accordingly. She reminds us to keep our hearts light, and to be of integrity. Remember: integrity is not how others, society, or even old patterns have taught us to be; living in integrity means living as we truly are. Although the path of the true self is not an easy path, it is the most rewarding one.

When we consulted the cards for advice from Ma’at, our cards shed light on the principles that she teaches us. First, that in keeping one’s heart lightened, we create sacred space within ourselves. Ma’at also reminds us, that even if our hearts are heavy, it is never too late to transmute the poisons of our past into the fuel for a lighter and brighter future. Ma’at asks us to embrace all of our emotions, all of our flaws, and to have courage as we come to the scales to be judged, knowing that our best is good. Allow yourself to scrutinise every fine detail in your life, but know that with a light and joyous heart, all dreams are attainable.

The next day, on Saturday, November 14th, 2020, we revisited the energy of the past year by reblending our Hyah incense. In doing so, we offered the power of the New Moon to the highest emanation of the Divine Feminine. The message we received in our reading from her this blending is a reminder that joy and prosperity will rise as a new day is dawning. The patience you have endured will be rewarded.

On Sunday, November 15th, we welcomed Shaman incense and oil back to our sacred stock after many years of absence. Shaman connects us to the inner priest within, helping to bring out intrinsic healing abilities. Shaman incense and oil are especially great for healing one’s self. A Shaman is an intermediary between a tribe and The Divine/Great Spirit/The All. So as you burn the incense or wear the oil, prepare to be brought along for a quest of the spirit.

We drew the reading for our Shaman incense and oil, which teaches us much. When coming face to face with the challenges of healing ourselves, and when facing the divine, we must learn to be comfortable with the conflicts that may crop up on our journey toward self realization. Yet we must also remember that in facing these trials, we can always experience joy and fun throughout

the entire process. Sometimes we have to face the old patterns of times past, whether we need to process old traumas or return to the innocence that once lived within ourselves. Of course, in all healing enterprises or spiritual quests, we need to integrate what we have learned. We must remember what we have experienced in order to move to the next stages. When one does the profound and difficult work of reflecting, integrating, and questing, one must remember to hold on to one’s own self esteem. You need to be willing to forgive yourself, and to accept yourself through the integrating process that will ultimately lead to the greatest healing. Lastly, know that your journeys for healing will continue to bring more healing. These quests will make spiritual experiences more frequent as well.

On Tuesday, November 17th, we reblended our Adonai incense, which summons the strength of the archangels. This incense is great for harnessing the ability to push forward under the wings of divine protection.

Then, this past Wednesday, November 18th, another incense was reborn: Talking Feather. Talking Feather encourages deep communication while speaking one’s truth and standing tall. Talking things out can be a great exercise in a relationship of any kind, whether the parties involved are family, partners, or friends. Be brave enough to voice your truth, but have compassion, as someone may hold a different truth than you.

The reading for Talking Feather tells us to examine the finest details of the bigger picture, but warns against becoming lost in them. Remember to “see the forest through the trees.” Communication opens up the pathway for teaching, learning, and a brand new direction of growth. When speaking your truth, you must have the strength and courage of mind and heart, to not only speak, but to follow through with action

that honors your word. We also need to take whatever is said and communicated to us with a grain of salt. Sometimes the communication from the outside world or from individuals may not always be true. Do not be fooled by the deceptions and lies that may try to confuse you. Remember to hold to your own truth, not the truth presented to you. With communication comes the unlimited potential of the universe. For all things said have knowledge and a hidden wisdom; even lies hold truths within them. Be open to all you can learn and know. Lastly, not only do you need the strength to speak, but you need the strength to listen, too. Be still and silent. Honor truths within yourself and others. Sometimes the best communication can be had by letting yourself be quiet and listen.

This past week was a powerful blending time, and it is continuing to be so. More rebirths and exciting new blends coming soon to our precious space!


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