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Welcome to Ascension (Hyah)

Updated: Mar 16

The Sword & Rose Welcomes You to Ascension

“As darkness grows darker, light shines with greater resplendence.” Spaces for contemporary spiritual communities seem to resound with sentiments similar to this phrase more often these days. At The Sword & Rose, this idea has inspired us to initiate a new venture we hope will illuminate answers for those in darkness. With our latest projects, we have decided to shine our presence outward as a beacon of hope in these cataclysmic times of change. Though our temple may be hidden and small, we believe the light we can share is well worth sharing with our customers in the world at large.

In September of last year, our shop received an urgent message from the Divine Feminine. She came to us to announce that the world was on the brink of something new, and as the old matrix began to disintegrate at the hands of chaos, we knew that it was time to build the foundations of a new chapter in our ascension. So many of us had been experiencing this profound process on individual levels, but the time had come to prepare the world for this great restructuring on the collective level. The Divine Feminine presented us with the knowledge that the physical world was about to break down, and that these times necessitated our preparation.

In anticipation of these extraordinary times, we crafted an entirely new batch of incense, which we call “Haya” (Hyah), the highest emanation of the Divine Feminine.

In burning the Sacred Haya(Hyah) incense, it carries its high notes of exaltation into the ether. Haya’s energetic signature hails from beyond even the ideas of the manifested world. Haya brings forth into our existence all that we are not capable of fathoming. With Haya, we intend to bring balance to our world by restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful throne next to the Divine Masculine. We reject the subjugated feminine beside the perverted masculine, the icons who have presided over the past thousands of years. In doing so, we wish to establish cosmic and worldly balance while slso bringing the Divine Androgyny to its rightful holy place.

In addition to creating our Haya incense, we have also created a Hyah oil, which connects one to the same energies and divinity as previously mentioned. We blended this incense and oil before the end of the year, knowing that in 2020, we would witness the collapse of the old systems, paradigms, and matrices amidst “the changing of the guards.”

Although Ascension is not a new idea, its prevalence is especially pronounced in this time, even for those who were not as spiritually connected before the dawn of the year 2020. This year has asked us to confront our isolation and to delve into our selves more deeply than ever before. Paradoxically, the further we venture into the depths of ourselves away from the outside world, the better we may understand the connection that binds us all.

Many people have started to question everything about the ways in which the world functions, and how we are to understand our societies. “Who can we really trust?” We ask. Our uncertainty about current events and about the structures at large signal the demise of these structures.

Yet even while burdened by the weight of these extraordinary times, so many are feeling optimistic. “How strange, in such chaotic circumstances,” one might think. We believe that this seemingly impossible optimism is part of the ascension. We delight in knowing that there is more out there, just beyond the structures and subsequent limitations of our physical existence…

And so, with JOY, FAITH, LOVE, and GRATITUDE, we of The Sword & Rose welcome you, to Ascension.


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