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Asherah: Rebirthing Our Dreams and Joys

On May Day, known as Beltane in pagan circles, we reblended our Asherah incense. To read about our messages from the Goddess Queen, we invite you to read our blog for the last blending: Asherah, Queen of Heaven. We blended the celebratory energies of Beltane (May Day) into this blending in honor of Asherah’s attributes of joy and wonder. Asherah is a mother goddess, as well as a goddess of positive transformation, and happiness. She helps us to see the humor in life. We recommend that you call upon her when you need to rekindle the flames of delight and laughter within yourself.

While sitting in personal communion with the Holy Mother Asherah, our reading for the latest blend gave us much to think about with respect to our current energetic circumstances. Firstly, we are reminded that it is possible to rekindle lost dreams (Lizard). Asherah asks us, her children, to think meaningfully about what we want, what makes us happy, to envision our dreams for this life. Not only does Asherah bring these to our attention, but she also challenges us to know that these dreams are attainable, even if we don’t know exactly how they will materialize in the moment. As the mother we all deserve, Asherah reminds us that all we need to do is to ask for her help and she will gladly give, with unconditional love.

This message was, of course, followed by the reminder to feel joy and happiness (Hummingbird). As a goddess of joy, our mother asks us “What brings you joy?” Know that this question is not as simple as it seems, nor is it an easy question to answer. When posed this question, we are given the opportunity to delve deeply to ponder what the answers may be. We are reminded that happiness comes from within, and comes from the positive transformations we experience. Most philosophical and religious ideologies recommend that you refrain from tying your happiness to individuals or to situations. Instead, find happiness in things that you are able to produce from within yourself. Asherah helps us find independent happiness and deep internal love that allows us to find the humor in life, which engenders enthusiasm throughout the world.

We were then reminded that we should return to innocence (Salmon). Innocence allows us to look at things with new eyes and renewed enthusiasm. Think of a child asking “Why?” and “What’s that?” Reconnect to this feeling of childlike curiosity and wonder at our world. There is so much beauty and power around us, but we forget this as we go through the motions of our everyday lives. Asherah reminds us that we are never too old to be childlike. She allows us to play while finding safety, reassurance, and warm love in a mother’s embrace.

As the great mother of the cosmos, it is no surprise that Asherah also reminds us to appreciate our Mother Earth (Turtle). We are not only the children of hers, but we are also children of the Earth, and it is through this undeniable connection that manifestation is possible. What we do here will always have an impact on the future, as every thread we weave with our thoughts, words, and deeds is sewn into the tapestry of this timeline. Asherah reminds us to be intentional with our actions. Know that she is always a willing guide to make sure we are creating the best outcome for all.

The last two cards go hand in hand: Rebirth (Bat) and Transformation (Butterfly). One of Asherah’s animal symbols is the Butterfly, reminding us of her connection to powerful and positive transformation. Although she brings us change in the highest good, transformation necessarily comes with an ending of some kind. For the butterfly, it is the end of the caterpillar. For us, it could be the end of a relationship, material situation, or aspect of ourselves. Asherah will be there to hold us during the grieving process, wherever it may lead us. Asherah also reminds us that on the other side of grief, on the other side of an ending, a new life will always spring forth. Remember, Asherah is there to give you the love and support you will need. She will help you understand that we may feel true joy even in the hardest of times. This is how Asherah helps us to have faith through every experience.

“Asherah, Queen of Heaven, hear our prayers. Shine your radiant grace to us, your children. May we never forget compassion and the love you have shown to us… You have dried the tears from my eyes, and held me in your arms as a mother and child. In your eternal embrace, my soul has been found.” - From the song “Asherah” by Farasha, written by David Randy.


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