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Harmonious Ma'at

Ma’at is the Goddess of truth, balance, and harmony. To test your spirit, she weighs your soul against a feather. She is the Goddess of law who ensures that all people live in integrity. You may find more information about her from our last blending here: Truth, Justice, and Communication. Our most recent blending of incense consecrated to Ma’at was made on March 2, 2022.

The reading for this blending gives us some insights into what she is continuing to bring into our ascension and evolutionary progress. Ma’at continues to push us to be of the highest integrity. In order to do so, we must own our personal power (Horse). Remember, everyone’s heart is weighed against the same feather, so as individuals, we need to own up to our faults, knowing that only we have absolute power over our actions.

To be of integrity, we are asked to follow our hearts and our dreams (Lizard). The best way to keep your heart lightened is to listen to it. Listen to the dreams that you might have pushed out of sight in the name of fear. Ma’at helps us to honor our dreams, and tells us that the illusions keeping us from them are all part of this dream world as well.

We were then reminded that the balancing of all things in the forms of truth, justice, and harmony are the ways of the universe. These are the waves of karmic destiny (Whale). All things move toward balance in their constant dance of increase and decrease. What is full must be emptied, and what is empty must be filled. We see darkness and light, and the gray between, and Ma’at reminds us to stay at the Fulcrum and not to let ourselves be persuaded against our truth.

As the weigher of our heart, Ma’at reminds us that these ideas, ideals, and balances aren’t supposed to be hard on us. Ma’at encourages us to be gentle and kind to ourselves and to the world around us (Deer). We are experiencing extraordinary times of great difficulty and readjustment, but happiness is still available to us if we honor ourselves with the gentleness we need to persist.

Ma’at leads us to the point of integration (Alligator). Be willing to integrate all of your emotions, experiences, and lessons of your past into your present to create your future. This is no easy feat; Ma’at can lend her impartial strength to help us in the balancing act. She reminds us that all things come together in harmony, and that includes ourselves, if we are willing to do the work of integrating what we have experienced. We are not our past, but our past has shaped us, and Ma’at asks us to honor the past to move forward and into a lightened state of being.

As a final word of wisdom, Ma’at cautions that no matter how artful our deceptions may be, we can’t deceive her (Owl). When you are led to the scales, Ma’at sees all. She is unbiased and all-knowing. This is why Ma’at can help us see through all deceptions and lies that we have been fed by our surroundings. Whether we have been misled by society, loved ones, religious institutions, or even ourselves, Ma’at can free us from the chains of illusion with the keys of truth. She challenges us to be true to ourselves in all ways, and reminds us that we are all children of divine harmony in the end.

May Ma’at always help us to be true, balanced, and harmonious with the universe and All That Is. May she remind you to keep your heart lightened, open, and humble as you embrace the integrated you in a seemingly imbalanced world.


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