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Hathor Reborn

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

On July 8, 2022 we reblended our Hathor incense. For more information about her attributes, please refer to our first blog post about Hathor: Love Conquers All.

The reading for this blend was a strong reminder that the integrity of a good relationship starts within. We pulled the card of Retreat (Prairie Dog), the ability to feel love within oneself before casting it out into the world. Prairie Dog encourages you to ask yourself such questions as “What kind of relationship do I want?” “What kind of person would I like to attract?” rather than “How can I seduce this specific person?”

The next card speaks to Loyalty (Dog). Be loyal to yourself, your needs, and your wants. Know that it is okay to have needs and wants as a spirit experiencing physical manifestation. When trying to cultivate a relationship with another person, realize that there is a loyalty that must be maintained with that person as well. Loyalty therefore necessitates compromise. Is it possible to compromise on certain things that don’t take away from who you are or what you want as an individual? Ensure that you aren’t the only one compromising or that you are not always forcing your partner to bend to your will. Loyalty works in both directions in order to bring grace and virtue.

The next card we pulled is an omen that can signal a profoundly romantic love: The Great Unknown (Black Panther). Try as we might to discern the future, the future of Love often eludes our grasp. In love, you never know what the outcome will be. A relationship can last a month, a year, decades, or lifetimes. When we approach the Temple of Hathor, we cannot know what to expect when it comes to relationships or love. However, our uncertainty doesn’t stop us from taking the leap anyway. This is the medicine of Black Panther: taking the leap of faith. Going into any kind of relationship involves that kind of faith. How will we land? We won’t know until we try. We are encouraged to take that leap, to test our faith, and see what comes as we dive into the abyss.

Our next card is the Generous Protector (Racoon). Racoon echoes our wedding vows, stating that we must protect our loved ones “in sickness and in health.” This card reminds us that at different times throughout a relationship, there will be the need to give more than at other times. Make sure that you are not the only one giving, but be willing to lend more effort when the need arises. When you need the extra support, your partner should remember this and easily reciprocate your kindness.

Hathor sings to us from her Cyprian Grove about “Tending the Garden” of our relationships. She reminds us not to succumb to the fantasies that dance across our rose-tinted glasses when we become infatuated. Love’s temptations may blind us if we are not careful. When the weeds of a relationship sprawl out of control, or when we realize that what flowers we are trying to grow are not what our lover wishes to cultivate, we need to see through the illusions (Dragonfly) we have created for ourselves. Hathor gives us the strength to see the truth and honor it for what it is. Honoring the realities of our relationships shows us how best to care for the garden we must tend, even if a relationship must enter its reaping season, wither, and end.

Lastly, Hathor sent us the divine Messenger (Hawk). We have decided that our last card of the reading is for You to interpret. You who are reading this now are granted the gift of the message that “This is the Time.” Trust the message the gods have been giving you about Love. Listen for their voices by paying attention to Miracles, Signs, and Wonders you witness every day. Trust their guidance and open your heart to their omens.


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