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Isis Reborn 3/13

On March 13, 2021, we remade our Isis incense. Isis is the mother goddess of the Egyptian pantheon and is the caregiver of the hearth and home. One may go to Isis to ask for help with health and healing, and especially for matters pertaining to womens’ wellness and childbirth. Isis is a supreme protector and force of pure love.

We pulled cards to glean evolved messages from Isis since our last blending of this incense (See the Previous Blog for the first installment of Isis’ message). Our reading reminds us to be loyal to ourselves and to the various members of our households. Whether your house is composed of blood relatives or chosen family members, Isis asks that you remain loyal to the people you have allowed to be in your life. You are also being asked to remain loyal to yourself, even if you are at risk of disagreeing with the people in your life. If your loved ones are true family members, they will continue to love and care for you despite differences in the truths we experience. Remember to keep pushing through. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to fight on even if it feels difficult to do so. There will always be more challenges, but there

is also something great to be found on the other side of every quandary. Even when times seem difficult, we must remember joy. Joy has been a recurring theme in our readings as of late; this is a reminder that we often focus too much on the tragedies of the world. We need to remember that it is right and necessary to find happiness in life.

Remember, there is nothing under heaven more powerful and influential than joy. Isis reminds us not to give up because the joy we can experience is so much greater than the pains we will experience in our lives. Finding happiness and feeling optimism can help us through even the most difficult situations. Isis also reminds us that it is okay to hold onto our truth in secret. We don’t need to broadcast our feelings, our hopes, or our ideas. Sometimes just holding them in our hearts is the greatest form of magic. Remember, sometimes the strongest spells are the ones that are never mentioned.

May Isis bless you with her love, light, beauty, and protection.


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