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Six Grandfathers, Heal and Protect Us All

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

With the blessing of the ancestors and spirits of the land, we reblended our Six Grandfathers incense on January 9, 2022. This incense helps us connect to the power of healing on every level. We elaborate on the intentions and purposes of this incense here: Time for Joy, Time for Healing.

For each blending, we ask the oracle for advice from the spirits with the Native American Medicine Cards. The reading for this blending reminded us that healing is not limited to the present moment; healing extends through individual and collective karmic fields (Whale). The ancestors connect us not only to this life, but to multiple lives and multiple timelines that benefit from our healing in the present. We can help heal pains and wounds from times and places long ago, and if we take the time to focus on our healing in the present, we maintain a healthy path for future generations and their times. The oracle emphasized that as our present is so powerful that healing energy is greatly needed for this time, in our “now.” The Six Grandfathers can help our Earth cleanse, clear, heal, and bless on multivalent karmic levels.

The ancestors bring us hope and joy for the future (Hummingbird). A new sense of happiness and clarity is born of healing. When we are healed on all levels, we may look forward to our true paths. We know that the pains of the past are truly behind us as we move into the future with a clean bill of health. The healing process, of course, depends on our ability to truly believe in our capacity to mend, which is amplified by our self-esteem, or faith in ourselves (Moose). To know that you are endowed with spirit, and that you are part of the Great Spirit, is a healing that helps us to trust in ourselves, and to trust our own path to joy and understanding.

Six Grandfathers not only heals us, but it also heals places and areas that have been overtaken by energies (stemming from people or situations) that are harmful to the beings in or around them. The ancestors can clear, cleanse, and bless a space to make it sacred once more (Armadillo), and can help guide out that which no longer belongs. Six Grandfathers incense guides in that which is a blessing to the space, surroundings, and inhabitants. Our Sacred Grandfathers also make places sacred for the deepest of healings; they ensure a safe cocoon in which to experience the process of true healing.

Profound healing teaches us to have hope for the future because all healing is possible at all times. This is why our reading also encouraged us to rekindle lost dreams (Lizard). Too often the pains of the past keep us from being willing to forge ahead on the path to which we are drawn. When healing through the integration of our lessons and experiences, the path ahead can open once again for our wildest dreams to come true. Healing gives us renewed life purpose and excitement about starting the journey forward once more.

The final card in the reading is a reminder that the healing process is different for all beings. You have to heal at a pace that makes sense to you (Grouse). Healing also does not always happen in a single flash, or happen without our dedicated efforts to get better. This is a reminder that healing requires our work, too. We have to be willing to do what it takes to heal, which itself can be an intense process, but one that is very much worth it. Remember to take care of yourself as you go through the healing process. Be patient and kind to yourself.

May the Six Grandfathers continue to bless, cleanse, and heal us on all levels. We pray that their wisdom and power be felt through the generations of the past, present, and future, and that they continue to guide us on the healing path ahead of us in this time and in all times.


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