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The Talking Feather

On March 9th, 2022, we blended Talking Feather for the first time since its rebirth on November 17, 2020. You can read about the last blending here: Truth, Justice, and Communication.

While Talking Feather is about open and honest communication, we need to be reminded that this is a multivalent idea that manifests on many levels. We don’t just need to have intense conversations with others, we also need to have intense conversations with ourselves. We need to be willing to honor the truth of another while honoring one’s individual truth, and that involves truly knowing thyself.

Talking Feather is a great incense for deep meditation into your own heart and mind. When you need to start asking yourself, “What do I want?” “What is it I believe?”, and other questions that ask us to delve into the depths of one’s unique consciousness. Talking Feather will also help you honor the answers that appear. Realize that just because your answers may be different than what you might have expected, it is okay to have compassion for your thoughts as you remember yourself so that you can shape yourself according to the twists and turns on the path of life. Open the communication to your heart and the spiritual divine to truly honor the you that you are.

The reading for Talking Feather gives us first the insight of seeing through illusions (Dragonfly). Remember, Talking Feather is about being open and honest, and whether this asks you to break illusory phantasms in your own mind or discerning the deceptions of others, it will help us to see what is true to us. Remember, however, that a truth for you may be an illusion to another. Be conscious of what is right in front of you, as illusions can sometimes look and feel the most real, but are also easy to see through if we truly allow ourselves to look with discerning, careful eyes.

The next card (Eagle), reminds us to listen to Spirit, the Divine all around us. We strive for Divine Truth. All other things are illusions to the will of the Divine, and if we go within, we can find the Divine Truth within us, as well as the Divine Truth within others. Remember, your personal truth may be different, but that does not mean that Divine Truth does not reflect in another’s truth as well. There is truth and beauty in learning to stay present with seeming divisions and oppositions. Talking Feather also will help with our communication with the Divine, allowing us to understand what it is the Divine may be trying to reveal to us.

Sometimes being honest with ourselves directs us toward a brand new path, and we have to learn to be our own teachers (Wolf). Have the bravery and courage to be who you are and to set out on your own path. As we forge our own way, we attract others who hold many of the same truths, and we learn how to look past our disagreements to connect to the highest truths that lead us toward our spiritual destiny.

This leads us to be loyal to ourselves (Dog), and loyal to the ideals and beliefs that we value. This isn’t about being stubborn, and holding onto beliefs for dear life, but to be willing to honor our beliefs and our truths, whether they are core to us, or fleeting. Remember that questioning our beliefs is also a way to honor them, since it would be an insult not to give them a chance to speak. If they were true to us at one point in time, then we can honor that space, and move onto what our new truth is. This is being loyal to your true self.

When we honor our path, and our truth, we attract the things that will continue to form that path (Skunk). To be able to communicate to the universe what it is we truly desire and be able to communicate who it is we truly are, we become a magnet for those things. We must remember to attract open and honest communication. When you are in a foul mood, others will “smell” it and reflect back your ugly feelings in their own way. Be aware of how you are coming across to others when you speak passionately about your beliefs.

We were then reminded to let go (Turkey). Release the things that do not resonate with your highest ideals. Let go of the ideas, situations, and people who do not honor your truth. Again, we can respect and honor the truths of others, but we need not necessarily integrate their truths into ours. Similarly, another’s truth may come to resonate more within us, and we may need to release and let go of something we thought was true to us. Remember to maintain your integrity so that you can begin to commune more with the truth of your universe and the divine you that is ever present and waiting to speak. When we can be open, honest, and true, we can present our word to the world and give ourselves fully to the world around us.

May the Talking Feather help you to commune with yourself, the divine, and all others you meet along your path. May you honor your truths and the truths of those around you with grace, compassion, and respect.


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