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At The Threshold (Anubis)

Updated: Mar 16

During the Full Moon of August 22nd, we honored the jackal-headed god Anubis, the Eternal Gatekeeper and Cosmic Door Opener. It was Anubis, God of the Dead, who stepped down so that his father, Osiris, could ascend to the throne of the otherworld. In doing so, Anubis acted without vainglorious ambition. As a god of profound humility, Anubis accepts willing servitude and love from his devotees, but will never demand these things of us. His humility is also his power, for as the God of Death, Anubis is the Great Equalizer.

In order to find humility and grace, we must lighten our hearts. Anubis helps us with this by reminding us to be true to ourselves. Our hearts are made as vessels of love, compassion, faith, hope, beauty, joy, and balance. Anubis tells us that in the darkest of times, we need only take another step to cross the threshold into a new space. He will hold you as you cry while telling you that you don’t need to be perfect; you only need to do your best, for your best is enough. Anubis only asks that you strive to “know thyself.” He leaves us room to grow within our current understanding, but also gives us a place to rest along the journey. His grace gives us the chance to keep our hearts moving forward so that we do not fall back into the trappings of hardships we have experienced.

Anubis reminds us that death, literal and metaphorical, is only the beginning, and that there are many ways to travel beyond the threshold; in fact, many more ways than we can ever know. Anubis gently leads us across every threshold of life and beyond life’s bounds into the unknown of the otherworlds, bridging realms when needed.

Our reading for the newest blend of Anubis incense encouraged us to persevere. Persistence and endurance will bring us rewards, so long as we keep our hearts lightened as we navigate the vicissitudes of life. Every gate, threshold, and passageway is adorned with wisdom. Whether we find old or new lessons along the path to the beyond, Anubis asks us to face the unknown while remembering to take care of ourselves. Have compassion for yourself; manage every eb and flow at your own pace.

Armed with the deathly attributes of Anubis, we can fabricate putrescent smells to keep predators from taking advantage of us. In this time, it is crucial to “play dead.” Do your best not to be too outspoken about your positions. Remember that you only have the power to influence your immediate circle. By shouting from the soap box, you expose yourself to ridicule. Now is the time to find unity, rather than pushing the wedge of division. There is not a moment in time when everyone is on exactly the same page, so sometimes we need to lie low and let the differences be so that we are not torn apart by the perpetual need to criticize others. Do not become entangled in the discursive fray.

Throughout this process, remember to let go of your fears. We are moving into a new age, and the growing pains we are experiencing now will see us through to the other side in ways we cannot even comprehend just yet. Now is the time to seek and find the joy within ourselves. The things going on at this time are not new, but new light is now shining upon our circumstances. Know that as a result of this new enlightenment, things will be righted in time. We have to hold the knowledge that our time and universal time, our law and universal law, do not always go hand in hand in the way we want them or expect them to, and that is okay.

Anubis also reminds us to keep balanced minds, bodies, and hearts. Always keep your heart lightened. Yes, we must tend to difficult responsibilities, but we choose how we respond to these responsibilities. We can find joy in our duties. We should strive to perform our life’s work in ways that honor our heart and our love for life.

Know that we are going in the right direction. As we traverse the thresholds of uncertain territories, Anubis leads us onto a new and greater path. Not all the lessons of this juncture are easy, but they are all rewarding. Do your best, and Anubis will guide you through the rest. Anubis will help us cross the dark night of the soul and come out of it with a fresh understanding of why these lessons were important for us. Anubis gives us new knowledge and understanding, so that we are ever more equipped for the next threshold to cross.

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Dorothy Santos
Dorothy Santos
04 oct. 2021

I enjoyed reading about Anubis! I feel so late discovering the blog entries for The Sword and Rose. The shop has been my go-to spot for everything I need for my rituals and tarot readings. Thank you for the insightful, thoughtful, and intentional offering through your blog as well. It was really lovely to be in the shop today. I'll let you all know how I do with the dream catcher, which I love very much. Much love and light. - Dorothy

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