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Power of Divine Masculine (Six Grandfathers, King Solomon, Abra, Coptos)

Updated: Mar 16

As we feel the stars align for the return of the Divine Feminine, we are reminded also to honor the true Divine Masculine, and the return to its purest form in balance with the Divine Feminine and as the merciful agent to the Divine Androgyny. We recently blended several incenses for Divine Masculinity to help maintain balance in our spirits and in our lives.

We once again blended Six Grandfathers, calling in the healing and cleansing needed for all of us at this time. Our previous blogs give much insight into what the Grandfathers bring into our lives. For more wisdom from the Council of Six, click here: Six Grandfathers, Heal and Protect us All and Our Native Medicine.

King Solomon also blessed us with his mighty wisdom. We honor his supreme intelligence, peaceful reign, and generous spirit so that we may tend our own kingdoms with the same virtues. Be Wise is our previous blog about this incense.

We then blended our incense that is dedicated specifically to the highest and purest virtues of the Divine Masculine: Abra. This incense helps one to have deep meditative connection to the masculine of the divine, and the pure energetic source behind all masculine deities. The reading for this incense gave much insight into the current energetic climate of our times and we would be remiss if we did not provide its reading here.

Be of a generous spirit, as the Divine Masculine is also the Divine Father, who cares and provides

for all creation. We are reminded to be jovial; let your abundance of joy spill over to others. Happiness is one of our greatest revolutionary tools, and is also a strong protection against negative forces working the world. The Divine Masculine is also gentle. Although the Divine Masculine may exert force and power, it should only be used as a last resort. The gentleness of the masculine is rooted in kindness and compassion. We are also reminded that it is the time now to expect miracles to happen.

Much is changing, much is fighting change, and confusion obscures the best path forward. The Divine Masculine casts fear aside and approaches all circumstances with love and understanding, but holds his sword to defend those who would prey upon his children. The Great Fatherly energy of the Divine Masculine asks us to do the same.

Most recently, on Palm Sunday, we blended our Coptos incense. Coptos is the traditional connection to the Ascended Master, Yeshua, who most know as Jesus Christ. We recommend this incense for helping one’s higher self become a healer that we may all perform miracles as Christ wishes to do. This incense is for connection to our own Christ centers, and a realization of us becoming Christs ourselves. May his story be a reminder of the soul’s path to ascension, and that when we feel lost, broken, or confused, our faith will see us through to a new life and resurrection.

May the Divine Masculine protect us, inspire us, and bring joyful redemption with his might and wisdom.


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