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Be Wise (King Solomon)

Updated: Mar 16

Occult practitioners have long espoused the divinely inspired teachings of King Solomon. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the ancient king is recognized as the wisest man to have ever lived.

Solomon's story starts from a young age, first by having to fight against his own brother who tried to usurp the throne from him before their father David's(David and Goliath) death, then by inheriting the throne at the age of twelve. Wanting to be a good and righteous king, and live up to his name, which means peace, he went to a sacred altar in Gibeon where he met with God and asked simply for the wisdom to lead his people. God was impressed by the humility and wisdom the child already possessed, and therefore granted him wisdom of all things in heaven and on earth.

Although our understanding of King Solomon’s life is shrouded in mystery, and largely relegated to myth and legend, traditions that acknowledge him describe him as a powerful leader and extraordinary mystic master of his time. King Solomon is best known for having completed the monumental task of erecting the Temple of Jerusalem, a task that his father had begun, but had not finished. Upon completing the temple, King Solomon established a Mystery School, to which he invited the most learned scholars, priests, and alchemists. King Solomon gathered the most highly regarded intellectuals at the temple so that they could integrate spiritual lessons that anyone could learn and apply.

Toward the end of King Solomon’s years, a young prince wished to test his miraculous wisdom. The prince dared Solomon to make a ring that could make a sad man happy, and make a happy man sad. After three days, Solomon presented the young prince with a golden ring engraved with the words “This Too Shall Pass.” King Solomon’s ring reminds us that words are also powerful magick.

On Thursday, August 20, 2020, we reblended our incense to honor and bring King Solomon’s wisdom to the present times. Remembering the great deeds he accomplished during his life on earth, we call upon him to inspire us to address both mundane and occult matters with clarity and grace. We ask that justice be served and that our lives be filled with discernment, without prejudice or guilt. King Solomon guides us to mine the wisdom abundant in all of life’s journeys, choices, and paths.

Delve into the mysteries of the teachings of Qabalah and Hermetic Alchemy. King Solomon reminds us that the world is All Magic, and that when you live your life with intention, your words and your actions wield the power of All High Ritual.


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