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Hear the Thunder Clap

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

On July 22, 2021, we reblended our Thunder Nation incense. This incense is a call to the Nation of Thunder, Lightning, and Rain to help us break through the emotional blocks in our way. Visualize the long flat golden plains, having been barren for some time, and then you see in the distance a dark cloud rolling in, hear the thunder clap, a flash of lightning, and see the rain start pouring down, quenching the earth, nourishing a fresh start, and creating the fertile ground for rebirth.

This visualization is about our lives. When we have held back our emotions so much that our lives feel constricted and barren. When you know you need that emotional breakthrough, Thunder Nation will release you. The rain is a reminder that it is time to let the emotions out, cry and speak what is holding you back.

The reading when we asked for the final blessings of the Feather and Native Nations, was quite powerful for the new blend, advancing this incense on a new and more intense arc. Thunder Nation is so much about the rearrangement of emotions and mindsets that are so aligned to previous behavior and thinking patterns that people don’t even realize how they are locked into a stale comfort zone, shouting for things to “go back to normal”. When in reality, the back is past, too much illusion, and we really yearn for new beautiful integrity.

Thunder Nation gives us the freedom to “come out”, and be with our emotions. However, remember time and place. You have to have the breakthrough with yourself first. You must be willing to be with and comfort yourself. The rains are needed, not a violent storm of destructive force. It is okay to let go of the old behavior and thinking patterns that have held you back, seeking distractions to blind you from seeing and changing into your defined you.

Surrender to the gifts that are being given to you. Say “yes” to opening up and to blossoming. Grace and positive change is here. Feel this faith. May Thunder Nation bless and guide you through your emotional weather to realize the integration of the truly beautiful blossom that you already are.


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