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Remembering Peace with Marah

On July 7, 2022, we reblended our Marah incense. Refer to our post from last year to read more about Marah, Our Lady of Peace. Marah is a Goddess of Tranquility, Serenity, and Calm, and at this time, we beseech her again to help us remember her virtues.

Our reading this time around continues to provide insight about the need for Marah in these tumultuous times. The first card we pulled is the card of camouflage, discretion, and wiles (Fox). One can find peace by simply not being noticed. To be at peace within yourself, you do not need to draw attention from others. You need not force yourself to be seen or heard. In becoming the observer rather than the observed, you find the humility and quietude that allows you to make the best moves in the game of life. There are times to shine outward and there are times to go within. We will find tranquility over the next few weeks much more easily if we listen to the still voice within at this time.

Following the caution not to draw attention, we are reminded to be patient (Ant). Patience is no easy virtue to attain, especially in our day and age of instant gratification. Peace and tranquility will require great patience at this time, when we are feeling impulsive and excitable. We do not need to rush the universe into our idea of what our timeline should be. Instead, find peace in knowing that what is meant to come will come at the right time. This, of course, does not mean that you should sit back and do nothing, as the Ant is also a creature of endurance and hard work. Find peace in your work rather than worrying about outcomes. It is the process that achieves the result, not the result itself. Marah’s peace helps us find stamina and steadfastness to continue our projects.

Marah is also the Lady of Prayer, who lovingly holds our prayers up to the heavens. We are reminded to see that every day, we are constantly showered with blessings from above (Dolphin). It is easy to focus on the atrocities happening daily around the world, but there are many more beautiful things in the world to which we may cast our gaze. Marah reminds us that we must turn our eyes and hearts toward blessings in order to draw more of them to us. If we are willing to ask for good fortune and give our hearts to the heavens, then we need not fall prey to the anxieties and fears that perpetually vie for our attention. We instead realize that goodness and beauty surround us in ways that we might have never known or have forgotten. In this knowing, we find peace of mind as we allow the heavens to rain mana down upon us for our highest good.

As we embody and reframe our understanding of peace, we are reminded to keep building (Beaver). Like Ant, Beaver reminds us that if we focus on the work at hand and not the outcome, we can accomplish great feats. Finding peace during the creation process can result in grander accomplishments than what you originally set out to do. The beaver who builds his home, not thinking of much more than the task at hand, creates an entirely new eco-system for other beings to flourish. You never know what will come of your efforts, especially if you hold serenity in your heart. You can find peace in the power to create an entirely new you, new life, or new beginning. We are creating new structures and dimensions that will bring about more peace, but we must first start the creation from within.

Working peacefully creates sacred space (Armadillo). Marah reminds us that new structures within ourselves, our world, and the dimensions around us necessitate boundaries. To bring yourself tranquility, you must define your personal limits. It is okay to stand up and say “No” if you are coming from a place that desires peace and integrity. It is also okay to accept new things within your environment if they will help you grow. Your boundaries and your inner world are an important part of what brings you peace. Honor these boundaries within yourself and readjust as needed.

Lastly, Marah tells us that we must be loyal to ourselves in order to find peace (Dog). Know yourself and honor your individual needs. Do not put your loyalty or energy in the things that do not serve the purpose you are working toward. Trust yourself and honor your intentions. This will bring you peace and calm.

Marah, Star of the Sea, Our Lady of Peace, Our Lady of Prayer, may you guide us in the creation of new and better worlds, within and outside of ourselves. Thank you for the serenity you bring us as you hold us in your gentle waters.


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