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Shiva: Dancing Between Destruction & Transformation

Shiva is the Lord of Destruction, Master Yogi, Creator, Protector, and Transformer. With Shiva’s guidance, we can appreciate the Order within the Chaos. Shiva stokes the fires of motivation and spurs us to action. Shiva’s energy is great for projects large and small: Shiva can help you reorganize your room, or reconstruct the very foundations of your life. When Shiva’s music plays, we must spring onto the dance floor, creating new rhythms on our way forward.

We reblended our incense for Shiva on May 10, 2022 because this energy is especially resonant for these times. There is a cacophony of chaos and confusion in the world when we are faced with the realities of destruction and transformation daily. Shiva reminds us to cultivate peace and to trust that rebuilding will inevitably spring from our unpredictable circumstances. As the Master Yogi, Shiva teaches that all things, including destruction, are all sacred forces of the universe. When we allow ourselves to step outside of the chaos, and not be controlled by its whims, and even our own impulses to fight it, we can see how these destructive powers may benefit all, as paradoxical or impossible as this may seem.

The reading for this incense gave Shiva’s advice for how to embrace these turbulent times. The first card we pulled is a reminder that in the field of illusory chaos, only the masters go forth unseen (Fox). Our matrix is in a constant state of flux; change is the only constant. When we understand this power, we can use this chaotic variability to our advantage, and even spiritual betterment. Shiva gives us the fiery impulse to strike while the iron is hot, while also going unnoticed or unimpeded by the chaos itself. Hide within the noise.

The next card is all about integration (Alligator). As destroyer and creator, Shiva teaches us that all forces are necessary. We need to integrate negative and positive polarities and understand that all of them have their purposes. Shiva as the destroyer is not a malevolent deity, but one who understands that all forces of the universe are meant to be used for their highest potential and benefit of all beings. Although it may be difficult to see the best outcomes when we are faced with destruction, Shiva helps us integrate the lessons associated with it in order to spark the new process of creation.

To do this in the right way, we must listen for the messages of the Gods (Hawk). This is the reminder that “God,” “The All,” “Energy,” and whatever names we grant the cosmic forces of the universe, is in All Things: the tiniest insect, the greatest mountain peak, or the plane flying overhead. Messages from the universe are always there if we pay attention. Shiva reminds us that the signs are there, even in the hardest times, if we allow ourselves to receive divine communications.

Although the lessons of destruction are seldom sought or understood, we are reminded that spirit lives even within discordant forces (Eagle). Destruction and creation are laws of the universe. Destruction as we know it and destruction as spirit knows it are two very different things. Shiva’s powers of destruction hail from this principle. There are spiritual laws beyond our comprehension or liking.

We were then reminded of the great transformation born of destruction (Butterfly). To the caterpillar, the cocoon is a process of destruction, but for the butterfly, it is birth. Through the process of death, transformation, and rebirth, we can better understand the redemptive beauty of destruction as a beautifully creative force. The two forces create the divine dance of life and are beautiful in their own ways. Like cleaning your room, sometimes things get a little messier before order and cleanliness can be reestablished.

Lastly, Shiva asks us to embody loyalty (Dog). Being loyal to yourself, to your path, and to spirit involves doing the hard work. Shiva not only helps us with the understanding of the destruction process, but also motivates us to move through it with grace. Shiva gives us energy to push us forward and to really do what we need to do. Shiva asks us to do the work, and will light the fire in you to be able and willing to do so. Like a dog pulling you on its leash, Shiva will make sure that you’re moving. Just remember, you need to be the one to steer, otherwise you can be pulled along with the wild whims of the universe. Understand how to waltz between Fate and Free Will.

May Shiva give you the power to dance with the cosmic forces of darkness and light, and the wisdom to appreciate the transformations that reverberate from your motions.


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