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Spider Woman Weaves Her Way

For everyone at the Sword & Rose, Spider Woman is an intensely powerful catalyst for change. As the cosmological plot thickens in these times, it is no surprise that she has been called for reblending for this year again. To trace the narrative of our journey with her thus far, please refer to our previous write ups about her: Time for Joy, Time for Healing and Dearest Grandmother. This blending came to us on March 5, 2022.

As with all blendings, sage Spider Woman wove for us a tapestry of wisdom for our year to come.

Firstly, Spider Woman reminds us to integrate our past with our present (Alligator). As she guides us in weaving our web of life, she instills in us the sense of completion of lessons learned. We are faced with the reflection of our past so that we may integrate it into the patterns we are weaving for our future. As we reflect, we understand why such lessons are now an important part of our lives.

Spider Woman tells us to connect with Mother Earth for the true power of manifestation (Turtle). Earth is our loom, and through our connection to nature, we learn how to weave our life patterns into our own personal tapestry of lessons and manifested dreams. Through this connection, we are made one with the Great Spirit (Eagle). This is a reminder to have faith in the path we have chosen to weave for ourselves. We don’t always know what our life web will catch, but with faith, we keep on dancing and weaving our dreams into constant manifestation.

Of course, we are not always sure about what we want. Many people may be confused if their wants are truly theirs, or a conditioning from their past. Spider Woman, like anyone else, cannot tell you what your dreams are, but she can give you the tools to help you find them. This is why we are reminded to go inward for a time of introspection (Bear). It is okay to “hibernate” when we need to sit with ourselves, quiet down, and ask ourselves, “What do I want?”, “How do I move forward?”, “How do I make the most of the lessons I’ve learned?” Still your soul and ask it questions you may need to honor before jumping outward into the dance of life.

It is especially powerful that Grandma Spider’s card showed up in the reading, giving us an intense blessing of her energy. She is the Dreamcatcher, the Weaver of Fate and Destiny, and the one who encourages you to “Dance Your Dreams Alive!” Grandmother Spider weaves our dreams, wants, and desires into creation while also protecting us from the things that would hinder our progress or harm us. Remember, the dreamcatcher is also a protective boundary to help us keep nightmares away. We are safe in Grandma Spider’s arms, and our dreams are safe and secret with her, too, as we are guided to attract the circumstances, opportunities, and relationships that will make our dreams come true.

Lastly, we are reminded that as we work toward our dreams, the mana, or blessings from heaven, are made abundant and clear (Dolphin). If we have the faith to honor our dreams and move forward in alignment with their creation, they will become manifest through the blessings and gifts we find along the way.

May Spider Woman continue to help us weave, build, and honor the dreams within, as we dance and sing them into creation.


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