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By the Light of the Moon (Diana, Spider Woman)

Updated: Mar 16

On Monday, March 15, 2021, we blended Diana incense. Diana/Artemis is the Virgin Huntress of the Moon in Helenistic mythos. Her connection to the moon has earned her a prominent position in belief systems even beyond Greco-Roman traditions. As a lunar goddess, Diana pierces the illusions of the night with the moon’s brilliant rays.

In less metaphorical terms, Diana teaches us that our dreams convey important messages if we can scry their underlying meanings. Diana can lend us her clarity in dark and nebulous spaces. As a huntress, she helps one see through the forest to set sights on one’s chosen prey. Diana will help guide you on the path to clarity and understanding even if you do not know exactly where you are headed. Sometimes we do not know where we must set our sights until we see what lies beyond the illusory obstacles across our paths.

When we have gained clarity, Diana encourages us not to hesitate when opportunities present themselves. Sometimes you may only get the one shot at the target; if you can see clearly, do not allow your fears to keep you from releasing the arrow with precision and energy.

Our reading for this incense tells us that all starting places are valid. We are exactly where we need to be, and paradoxically, we cannot move forward into new spaces until we accept this. Now is the time to break the illusions that have kept us where we are. Now is the time to seek clarity and to start the transformation process. In order to do

this, we must let go of the things that keep us from continuing on the path ahead. We must heal our old wounds to start the new hunt. Sometimes the hunt demands patience; in this phase of the chase, Diana allows our minds to wonder and play with different possibilities. Try something new or fun. How will you recognize the worthiest path ahead if you limit yourself with rigid ideas of how the path must look? Diana reminds us that our home is all around us and that we are exactly where we need to be at this time. Diana similarly reminds us that we are part of the flora and fauna of this Earth, and that we are all connected to one another. Earth is our holy sanctuary, and one need only remember this and the path ahead will present itself if we are but willing to ask.

On Sunday, March 21, on the day after the Equinox, we reblended Spider Woman (last blended 10/31/2020)(Previous Blog). Like Diana, the moon is a prominent attribute of her mythos. The Great Native American Spider Goddess is said to have created the Moon by plucking a piece of the Sun to hang in the night sky.

Our reading for Grandmother Spider was abundantly clear. The Spider Woman reminded us of her glorious mantra: “Dance your dreams alive!” As you move forward, remember that joy is a necessary part of life. Now is the time to integrate consciously what we have learned in the past. We are not one dimensional, and we need to be allowed to be where we are and who we are according to our life experiences so far. We are continuing to spiral up to our potential, but only at a pace that makes sense to us. Change need not happen overnight. Rebirth takes time, and it is okay to take that time so long as you remember to keep moving. As you build something new in your life, assign sacredness to it. Your life is sacred, and if you treat it as such, blessings will continue to be provided. Keep your eyes open and you will see the miracles, signs, and wonders the Great Spirit is bestowing upon you.


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