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Our Native Medicine: Honoring Power Deep within these Lands (Six Grandfathers, Spider Woman, Shaman, White Buffalo Woman)

Updated: Mar 16

One of the most beloved traditions at The Sword and Rose is that of the Native American tribes. One of our owners was raised in part by his grandmother, a Cherokee Medicine Woman. Our other owner formed a similarly deep spiritual connection with native mythos and culture in the tribes in Arizona, where he grew up. The medicine of the Native gods is deeply rooted in our land here in America, and we continue to honor that sacred bond.

We recently reblended several Native Incenses for this time. On August 28, 2022, we called on the healing justice and protection of the Six Grandfathers. You can read more about the previous blend here: Six Grandfathers Heal and Protect us All. On September 25, 2022, we brought forth another iteration of our Shaman incense, which was reborn almost 2 years ago, near the end of 2020 (read more here: Truth, Justice, and Communication). We blended our ever-popular and potent Spider Woman incense on October 10, 2022 (read about our last batch here: Spider Woman Weaves Her Way). Most recently, on November 25, 2022, White Buffalo Woman blessed us again with her hopeful spirit, as detailed in the blog post for her last blending here: All Aboard!

These spirits remind us that their blessings are universally applicable, even in our day and age. Six Grandfathers incense helps us release trauma and grief in exchange for deep healing on all levels. We have to remember that the source of healing starts from the source of the wound and though it is painful, the longer we wait to address our dis-ease, the harder the healing will be.

Shaman tells us that not only do we have the power to heal ourselves, but that we can all connect to the healer within to help others. This incense also helps us connect to the guides and spirits who can help us to heal ourselves, others, and even the land and other spirits. Shaman can also guide us through inner journeys and altered states to help us to find answers from within rather than trying to make sense of the answers through external forces.

Spider Woman is the ultimate manifester who weaves her web of fate ad infinitum. She helps us spin our lives, our wants, our needs, and our destinies together. Her mantra is “Dance Your Dreams Alive!” Grandmother Spider prays that we live out that which is most sacred to our souls on our unique destinies.

White Buffalo Woman wills us to have faith. She tells us that when we feel like giving up, our ultimate goal is just on the other side of the next hill on our journey. She gives us the ceremonial pipe of peace to remind us that we are all one in this grand cosmos, and that we should honor the deep connection that unites all things in an organized whole.

We cannot overstate the power of these blends for our purposes, for our land, and for our time. May we never forget to honor the spirits of these lands, and may we be forever reminded of their presence.


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