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The Highest Divine Emanations: Incenses for The Supernal Triangle (Hyah, Tree of Life, Eheiah, Tetragrammaton, Elohim)

Updated: Mar 16

We composed this blog post in honor of our incense Hyah, last blended November 26, 2022, which you can read more about here: Welcome to Ascension

Hyah incense is consecrated to the highest emanation of the Divine Feminine, and is sacred for all high and holy Goddesses, as our Abra incense is the highest emanation of the Divine Masculine and sacred to all high and holy Gods.

Since its inception, The Sword and Rose has been a city landmark for Western esoteric traditions. The shop itself was founded upon the mystical principles of the Holy Qabalah. Wisdom and practices of the Qabalah have their roots in Ancient Chaldea, a region once encompassing much of the Middle East and parts of Asia. Chaldean magical traditions have informed many of the shop’s activities, which enrich and intensify the energy of our temple space. Many come here to seek knowledge as conferred by these esoteric traditions. We have several incenses that connect not only with the Tree of Life, also known as the Ets Chayim in Hebrew, but with several of the Sephiroth (plural; singular: Sephirah), or spheres of influence, upon the Tree of Life.

The highest triangle upon the Tree of Life is composed of three Sephiroth called Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. This group is called “The Supernal Triangle.” This is where God the Androgynous (Kether), God the Father (Chokmah), and God the Mother (Binah) work together “In The Beginning” of manifestation. Hyah and Abra are the two sides of Kether, their energy being part of the source before any individuation occurs in the chain of creation.

Our incense consecrated for the entire Tree of Life can help you connect to any and all aspects of the Tree, and thus can be used for communing with any of the supernal Sephiroth, all three at once, or any path between them. This is our most versatile incense because the Tree encapsulates all things and facilitates all manifestations (Read more here: So that We may be All Ways).

One may also connect to the Supernal Triangle Sephiroth with unique incenses that we have blended for each of them individually. We call our incense for Kether “Eheiah.” Because of its position at the top of the Tree of Life, Eheiah is a good incense for high meditation. Due to the nature of this divine emanation, we cannot explain the connection to this energy because it is conceptually external to material knowing. To try to experience such a high form of being brings us out of our material minds. It is widely believed that one cannot be confined to a material form in order to experience the true essence of Kether, the crown of the supernal triangle.

Our incense for the second Sephirah on the tree, Chokmah, is called “Tetragrammaton.” Scholarly mystics have written extensively about the intellectual import of Tetragrammaton for thousands of years. Although this energy could be used for many purposes, we generally recommend Tetragrammaton for establishing sacred ceremony due to its magical potency. The complex combination of ingredients and intricate rituals necessary to create this incense make it an ideal choice for those who perform ceremonial or ritualistic magicks. This incense will guide you through the veil to the Ark of the Testimony (Read more here: Power of the Tetragrammaton).

The incense we have consecrated for the third Sephirah of the Supernal Triangle (Binah) is called “Elohim.” Like Tetragrammaton, Elohim’s significance is conceptually multifaceted, making it hard to describe this energy in simple terms. Intellectual distillation cannot do the emanation justice. In the briefest terms, Elohim incense fosters manifestation into form. Binah is the Sephirah of first manifestation, and this incense connects to that very concept, helping one to bring into sight that which one is trying to bring forth into their life. The word Elohim is a masculine noun in the feminine plural. The incense acknowledges Elohim as a multitude. To touch on this would require an expository discussion of many other complex concepts, which, in the name of brevity, we will not divulge presently, though the information is readily available to those who seek it. The Elohim set firm structures and foundations for any and all endeavors in life (Read more here: The Divine Support of the Elohim).

To all who walk these paths, may your way be illuminated by the highest heavens.


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