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Warmth of a Mother's Arms

Like our incense, the Bath we remade on July 17, 2021 is consecrated to our Shop’s Mother, Isis. A mother goddess of the hearth and home, connecting us to family and new beginnings within our world. She is also a strong healer, especially to the health of women and mothers. You can look at our previous incense posts to gleam more her expression. (Isis Reborn 3/13/21 - Blessing our Space 7/31/20)

The reading for the bath and oil further defines what she imparts for us now. Isis gives us the discipline and discernment to be able to let go of those things in our way. Keep your eyes looking up. Know that our Mother Isis is giving you love and wants to see you flourish and succeed, and to make the choices that will push us forward. We must be willing to receive these blessings of the mother goddess. Her love, her mana, is a gift and all we need to do is accept, knowing that she loves us like a mother to a child, and so readily gives us all we need. Have faith that as you go, you will receive, and be blessed.

She wants to help you spiral and dance into your potential, becoming the person that you are born to be, at your own pace, and hold you through it all. A pace that will let you savor as you are going, and don’t get sidetracked inl the details. Look at the big picture, and the details will fill in as needed. Go to the party of life, have a great time, and figure out how it all happened later.

As you continue to grow, the illusions of your old ways of life will begin to fall away, and she will be there to catch you if you stumble. Listen to your heart, be a sovereign being, and don’t be forced into the shape and ideas that are not you. She is the wings to be your own magnificent being. She reminds us we are constantly evolving. Let go of the old ideas, customs, norms, and influences that have kept us from connecting to the very life force that builds to the manifestation of our dreams.

Isis leads us to the choices that we are to pounce on. “Go for it”, live your dream and know that she will be there every step of the way. Don’t get caught up in the squirrel cage of your brain, overwhelmed by fear, only go for what it is you know to be your path ahead. Allow yourself to be more spontaneous, trust your intuition, and start to realize just how powerful it is. The more you start to see how it all works out, the more your faith will continue to grow. Remember, it is about trusting your heart, not getting wrapped up in your mind.

Take this bath to help yourself connect to the mother that knows, loves, and supports you through all of life’s changes. As you rest in her warm embrace, know that she is blessing you with all you need, and that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is within your grasp, merely smile and accept it with a thankful heart.


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